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Okay so it’s been seen more an more lately so I’m going to get the ball rolling on this discussion. We may be ignored. But I think we have the right to be at least heard out here. I’m going to be the bitch here and say it, many of us are starting to get annoyed with the donator rank and the issue with the colour clinched it for us.

I’ve been playing on the survival for almost a year and a half and I’m already talking about the good old days when I first joined. I’m not going to sugar coat it because you are not all kids. Those days were better. There are people who ask them self why they even continue to play on the server. Some of these people have also given up speaking about it because we don’t feel like we get heard anymore.

Lately it is my personal opinion that the donator rank is saying hey you can pretty much buy trusted. When did the donator rank become above that of the trusted? When did we start to feel ignored an unimportant? Someone told me the other day that donators were above trusted in rank and I though wow when did that happen. I still remember the excitement I felt when I got promoted and there are people who stay at donator and not bother with trusted because it had less perks.

This isn’t the only issue an I feel there has been a big break down in communications sometimes so I think that this may help. I’m putting this up so I can honestly tell you how I feel without bitching behind the staff members backs and I know for sure the are other people who feel they aren’t being heard so here is your chance speak up and let’s hope someone will hear us


I am included in the group of people who ask themselves why they still play on this server. And you’re right, the good ol’ days were better, even just a year and a half ago. I completely agree with everything you just said em.

Em we have talked about this issue like a million times, in the past I was on your side thinking that trusted should have more stuff, but in reality, trusted and donator’s have pretty much the same stuff just donator’s get a lil more because they help keep the server alive. This makes people want to donate, to be able to get everything trusted gets and a bit more without having to wait the 3 month to get trusted. Really donating gives you like 4 more things, more /sethomes, some money, deathchest, and now colors. you kind don’t need any of these things to play minecraft, just it helps with having more homes set and a deathchest to keep your items. I mean the most I would agree is that trusted should get deathchest, but other than that its fine. We need to keep it so people are wanting to donate to our server so we can keep the server running, which is much more important than 4 stupid extras.

Personally, I’ve donated to the server before while I was trusted and asked to stay trusted because I believed that trusted is a bigger accomplishment then just spending money. Mostly because I didn’t care about the stupid extra stuff and just wanted to keep the server online. So stop crying about the donator’s and maybe we give you a deathchest.

Honestly, I don’t see how you can be helped if you’ve lost the pride in your trusted rank and think you need more benefits to justify staying around. The value of the trusted rank is not meant to be the attributes that go with it, but the trust itself. The value placed on that trust is part of our community. If nobody thinks it is worth anything, it will not be worth anything. Being cynical about it helps nothing. If you want to help, be proud of your rank, and show it.

And to the donators out there; I have nothing against you, but you cannot purchase everything; trust must be earned. If there is anything to be learned from this topic, I think that perhaps it should be that the acquisition of actual trust by donators be made more formal.

PS. I have no sympathy for anyone just grabbing for more powers to make survival less like survival, or anything along those lines.

I think that the trusted rank isn’t about the perks. It is about knowing that the staff members trust you, and because of that we are making things a bit easier for you (i.e. Flying, 5 homes). Donators are what keep this server alive, so we have an incentive to make donating more rewarding. In my eyes, trusted is above donator. Donators payed, trusted earned. I don’t have anything against the donators. The trusted honestly have it pretty good. When I was trusted I thought it was awesome, and a major improvement from member. I wouldn’t be complaining.

Side note-
Some people have been telling me that they feel people who aren’t staff don’t really have a voice. Maybe we could address this with more server wide polls? Just a thought. :slight_smile:
<3 koalamama

As many have said, trusted shows that the staff trust you. You shouldn’t try to become trusted so you get more things, but because you get to be trusted by staff and you then can try to become staff.

Also, in these comparisons, you’re comparing the wrong set of people. You should look at how much you gave gotten since being member (I mean it’s a TON of stuff).

Why would we give someone who gave there money to help run the server less than someone who has played for a long time?

I’ll agree with Koala on this, donations are what help the server stay up, yes I can understand a deathchest and at least a colored name. But if it weren’t for Donators then PCB wouldn’t be around. And like Koala mentioned, trusted usually don’t feel like they have a say in some things, I think more polls allowing non staff to vote on stuff would be great. PCB is a community, and community means that everyone has a say in something, no matter the rank.

Tbh, I think we need an other rank for trusted player who are also donators like this:

Benefactor (Trusted-Donator)

This way, donator players would want to earn the trust as well and trusted players will want to donate. Both trusted and donator would have the exact same perks and they would be equal in ranks. To have the full set of perks, they would need to donate or earn the trust of staff and become benefactors.

Not a bad idea Guibo/Duck (Still not used to it).

Most of the actual posters here already said how I feel about it. Not sure why the vote seems split. It think the name is confusing, or some trusted just want more powers?

Trusted is higher rank to me due to it being earned, but donators should have more benefits.

Okay I probably came off bitchy so I’ll try and say what I want to say a little better tho time.

When I got on mine chat earlier I was feeling this way and I’m the top of person that feels better when they talk about what is bothering them so I spoke to the others. At first I thought maybe I’m just being bitchy or maybe I just have too much pride and think that I wish that after having earned a rank like being trusted. I soon realised that there is a group who feel the same but the saddest thing was they didn’t feel like talking out because they feared they would be ignored.

About the colours I realise you think it’s only a colour and I felt the same but they are people who actually loved having colours because there was a lot of complaining about the loss of colours. All though this only one among a very few small bonuses for donators sometimes I feel (and again this may be my pride) that sometimes having those few extra things make it feel as if they are getting more recognition.

I truly understand that the differences are small but they are large enough that it makes me feel like sometimes people are throwing my rank in my face saying I don’t need to put the hardwork like you did because I can buy it.

I would like to say to Guibo that it is a good idea and to thank those who have posted so far I’m hoping that we can generate a conversation where this who have been afraid to speak up can speak this is also a point I would like to highlight. I never have but why I there people who losing faith in some of our staff. I trust you guys, I love you guys and some of you are amazing fun to play with so it’s time to sit down and talk and work out just exactly why is going on

Lastly I’d like to say I understand the need for donator and I have absolutely nothing against donators, hell I’m even friends with some but I’ve also seen some of them who cause troubles but that is the same with any rank

I could understand if this was something such as /fly, that actually affects the way you play on the server. But it’s colours. We’re having several threads and practically starting a war on having a name with… colours.

Trusted will always be better than donator, for one simple reason. Trusted has to be earned, donator doesn’t. You could donate on the first day you came onto the server, but you couldn’t get trusted. Trusted is a group of people who benifit the server. Sure, they don’t actually help keep the server online, but the very things that made them a trusted player keep the community of the server alive, and by fighting over something as simple as colours we risk pulling apart that.

Let’s look at this from the point of a new player. They see somebody with the name trusted, they’ll probably ask you for help? Why? Is it because you have a coloured name, or five homes, or /fly? No, it’s because the staff of this server trust you. A trusted player is dedicated to the server, and the fact that the staff trust them is the biggest perk they get.

So can we just get over it?

If you heard that Donator is a higher rank than Trusted, that’s because, technically speaking, it is. On the rank tree at least. But that’s only because you can’t have a rank in the tree with less permissions higher than another rank with more.

In terms of what they mean, I’d say they Trusted was a little higher. Donators and Trusted both keep the server alive, but in different ways. Donators pay for stuff, and Trusted make the community better, and more enjoyable, to everyone.

Just as an example, if we saw 2 staff apps posted on the same day, both of players with similar activity, both well written, the only major difference being one was from a Trusted player and the other from a Donator, we would choose the Trusted over the Donator. Because they earned their trust. You can only buy so much trust, and that trust, for us, ends with extra homes and a death chest.

As Octo said, new players will go to a player with Trusted because you are Trusted, not because of your perks. Just remember what the word ACTUALLY means.

Trusted: Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.
Confident expectation of something; hope.
A person on whom or thing on which one relies. eg. God is my trust.

I don’t think we need another rank. However, I think people should take more pride in our ranks. Trusted should be a big deal, and recently people haven’t been acting like it. In my book, trusted is higher than donator. And we shouldn’t need another rank to prove it. Donators can’t buy our trust, but they can buy the perks.
<3 koalamama

I for one am happy with what I have. The people crying over trusted not having enough probably earned it too fast. I feel privileged with the flying, the other powers they can grant us are too powerful for us to earn that is why we have mod, op, sop. With each new rank comes new powers. Frankly I don’t trust most of the trusted myself. So everyone get off your egotistical horse and be grateful that you are trusted which can be revoked at any moment. Thank you guys who keep this server running I know it must be hard to listen to people complain all day. If you just want to hang out sometime I free. Also guys there are times that you hassle the staff with things that you could do your self or with another person’s help. We should have a day where there are no powers and we just hang out and relax. Or a day where staff aren’t required to help like a staff appreciation day.

I just though I would like to highlight these few comments I’ve made because I don’t think people may have realised that what I meant. I brought up the trusted thing because that’s my grouch but I made this because I was DISHEARTENED by the fact that nobody wanted to try and talk things out because they did trust the staff completely.

I started this knowing that people may dislike the topic, knowing that it may be repetive to staff member or that it may sounds petty however my discussion ended with words like this,

“You can try but they will probably just lock it and say they are discussing it without discussing anything”

“Its just staff who are never on coming on and doing whatever they feel like”

“They never speak to me and give me warnings they just just do things”

I find it said when confronted by this talk because I love this server and it makes me stop and wonder … when did it become like this? This may be a small minority so this is the bitch sesh place essential. I want people to stop caring about what others will say and do because I want to try and mend this situation. Even if I have to put myself out there with a petty argument like colours …

Very well, what are some things. (That are actually important) that you want to discuss?

Oh I got one! I think boats should be officially unbanned. Their codes have changed a lot over the years and after some testing on the server, no one could see any more lag than usual.

What causes lag on a server:


Yeah, it might be time to unban boats.

I second the boat thing. Banning boats is like banning anvils. Fine at first, but then gets annoying if you nee one.

Wait boats werent unbanned??? Not that i needed one or anything…

Its just colors, Get over it.

I agree with the staff here. Donators donate and keep the server alive. As much as I would like to have a death chest just for when im offline and on MC chat and get killed by a zombie or player, I have no other use for it. or any of the donator things.

The one command i abuse the most is /fly. I can get along perfectly w/o fly.

Lets see what Donators have vs Trusted

Member -> Trusted:
tppos (?)

Member -> Donator:
Death Chest
tp (?)
Colored names
Spawn eggs (you can buy them ffs)
in game money

(if i missed any, please feel free to put them in)

Honestly, theres not that much that trusted has over Donator…In fact, the Spawn eggs are really just an ingame thank you along with the money.

I think Donors should have more perks actually.

EDIT: Trusted is higher than donator. Just Sayin