[Signature Thread] Post here for signatures.

As usual make requests and they’ll be filled and filed in this single thread. thanks guys.

you think you could do something with this one that i have. maybe have the Triforce spinning in the background the way it is supposed to be?

the entire logo or literally just the tri?

Can i have a sig too? Mine kinda sucks…

I can maybe do 1 for ya dfirby just tell me what ya like

P.S. can’t do animated ones sry if ya want that ask goof

like leave Oni and Dark Link the way they are. and instead of the Hylian Symbol with the Phoenix flying out of the Triforce, maybe a Black/Silver Triforce spinning. so one side of the Triangles is Silver and the back side be black.

Red,as I made shads sig, want me to upload the template for it if I still have it?

please liam, :stuck_out_tongue: and sure firby it shall be done :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m not too sure whats on each layer, but you should make it easier than doing it from scratch.
I made is in paint.net, so the format is .pdn unfortunately, if you can’t find a way to use that though, I can send a .png with everything apart from the background on it if you want.


Changed the title to something more official.


pdn, what program did you use? its ok though im sure cs 6 will open it :stuck_out_tongue: err, shado u want just the tri? in silver… ? whats black ?

The backside of the triforce is black. So when it spins the front side is silver, backside is black

ok err, ill do the 3d rotation in a minute, layout like this ok?

yeah looks good.

use that for now, the 3d ones gonna take me a while :slight_smile:

oh, ok

not only do i have to learn my way around cs 6’s 3d engine but its gonna take yonks to render :slight_smile: butt, i shall get it done, dont worry :stuck_out_tongue:


I use paint.net. its verry good for what it is, a free version of photoshop basically, with less features though obviously.
I think this is what shad means:

Either that, or this: