Should we continue using Tekkit?

As sip requested, here’s a poll to ask what you want to be on the Tekkit server if it isn’t Tekkit Classic.
We will not be looking into more options than those shown here because they are less used (and will mean a quieter, more boring server)

what is wrong with Tekkit as it is? im not seeing a problem with a server that is full of people and being used often. honestly i was wondering why its been down so long untill i saw that he was testing some things out… =/

Nevermind, just read the thread. i honestly dont know shit about FTB or tekkit lite. maybe a bit of research will help my answer.

I would rather tekkit lite, as it has computercraft up to 1.5 confirmed, FTB does not say which CC version it has. Really i dont care, as long as I keep my hours of coding xD

I fancy trying out FTB, as its different. More stuff to work towards.

I think ive been on Tekkit once or twice.

Also another thing to consider. The Voids Wrath. Its a mod pack but it is less complicated than Tekkit. Its a bit tougher to start out considering that there are plenty of hostel mobs wanting to more or less rape you as soon as you spawn in.

Mods that are in it: (not all are listed in this list)
NEI (Not enough Items)
Mob dismemberment
Tale of kingdoms
Familiars mod
Divine RPG
Lots more

There are, I believe, 80+ mods installed.

I played it and it was quite fun. Its better to play with other people rather than yourself. It is a 1.4 modpack but it automatically downgrades your minecraft jar. If you want to check it out, Use a clean jar.

To install it, Just follow the Mac setup if you are on windows.


  1. type your user and pass
  2. Load modpack
  3. click load modpack again if the game has not already started.
    Note This may take awhile as there are 80+ mods

Sorry if this is offtopic but this is just a little idea

I’ve tried Voidswrath and it never worked for me. Only reason I wanted it was because it had Divine RPG and well that has 8 other dimensions which will cause the server to have tons of lag >.>.

Anyways I vote for FTB there is tons more things you can do with it and you shouldn’t get bored for a LONG time. There is also the question of which FTB mod pack should be used?

Sword, no. I put literal hours into coding my computercraft things, hell no i am not giving them up :stuck_out_tongue:

Feed the beast has computer craft at 1.5… sooooo

It has the golden computers and printers and such?

Stay w/ tekkit clasisic.

Until someone can convince me that my programs will be safe, I’m with crammy.

Here’s a desrciption of Feed the Beast in case you don’t know what it is:

Feed the Beast, also known as FTB, originated as a custom challenge map in Minecraft that made heavy use of multiple tech mods. It played very similar to a type of map known as Sky Block, where the player is started in a void world with only a small platform, and must overcome a series of challenges. Because FTB included tech mods, it was possible to use the various custom blocks and items to keep track of the challenges and the player's progress, as well as automatically give awards after each challenge was met.

i voted for FTB

cause i was told to or Sacred would send me to the Nether for eternity

BTW Goof, i would like to welcome you back to the world of the Blocks.

Im starting to think your an Entei. you would be gone for months and then BAM

A Wild Entei Appears!

Wild Entei Fled

That is a complete lie that Shadow said I swear! XD

Goof no offence or anything, but have you even tried FTB? That is in no way what it is. FTB adds so many mods that can make the game go on for endless hours. There are so many things you can do and there are even different Mod Packs. FTB is not just 1 mod pack there are MULTIPLE mod packs that you can choose from. I don’t know if there is one like that, but all I know is that the Direwolf one is nothing what you said. I seriously have no idea where you got that idea from…

I vote that we move on to Feed the Beast. I feel that Tekkit just has too shallow of a tech tree, you hit the end too fast if you know what you’re doing. It only took a few weeks for the more experienced players to hit quantum and infinite diamond farms.

With Feed the Beast there are more branches to choose from. Resources are slower to build up due to the increased uses and lack of fast conversion via the condenser. Things such as Thaumcraft can literally take months to finish because of its unique resources and that fact that you need to spend said resources to research the items before you can build them.

Forestry takes many of the old recipes and changes them, extending the tech tree to give upgrading a more finite feel. Not to mention it gives so many renewable resource option for Buildcraft, which in turn can be converted into IndustrialCraft if desired. This isn’t even going into bees, which in and of themselves can be bred to produce dozens of different resources in a renewable fashion if you dedicate enough time and energy into their breeding.

For those seeking more bloodshed and slaughter they can test their might in Twilight Forest, wandering through the shade searching for more dungeons to conquer and increase their might. Also penguins are adorable.

For better or worse Equivalent Exchange is a shadow of it’s former self. Gone is the infinite resource engine known as the Condenser. Gone is the Dark, Red, and Gem armor that made you a being that could rival a god. Gone are the tools that tore asunder the landscape. All that remains is the the Minium Stone. The Minium Stone is a considerably slower, albeit still infinite way to convert resources around. Hostile mobs have a chance to drop shards of Minium that you can use to craft the stone, which has a finite number of uses. The recipes are specific, no longer can you be Midas and turn everything to gold.

With the removal of the EE armor, more options were added in its place. Modular Power Armor was added to give a more customizable alternative to Quantum Armor. With enough resources it can give one night-vision, directed flight, and movement boosts. All while being able to self power itself with solar and having all those options being able to be rebound, and having their power remotely adjusted at specialized work stations. This not including the also highly customizable Power Tool, which can be upgraded into a rechargeable multitool, being used as a pick, shovel, axe, and sword all in one. This does not include it’s own unique upgrades such as a plasma cannon and built in crafting table.

This is not to say that Quantum is obsolete, although now it is more specialized compared the always changing Power Armor. Among the new additions the up to date Industrial Craft is the fact that Quantum Armor can now be advanced to even further levels, gaining an absolutely huge energy reserve and gaining more noticeable utility. The chest can be upgraded for Creative mode style flight, which many may be more comfortable with than the aimed flight the Power Armor offers. The head piece can be upgraded with a built in solar panel, allowing constant energy in sunlight at the cost of things such infinite air and auto feeding. This is only a small taste of what has been included in the more up to date Industrial Craft, enough to keep those not wanting to stray too far from their Tekkit roots busy still.

Buildcraft to my knowledge has had little in the way of new exciting toys, but has had it engines tweaked to be more reliable. That, along with the dozen or so new venues of power from other mods, gives plenty of new setups and possibilities for one’s mass mining.

All these technical mods may give one plenty to do with their resources, but for those that like to simply wander and explore there is plenty to see. Aside from the mysterious and fantastical scenery that can be found within the Twilight Forest, Extra Biomes XL adds over 2 dozen new biome variations, some with their own unique vegetation and blocks.

Even after all have stated here I’ve only shown a you possibilities looking in from the outside. Things like Steve’s Carts, Factorization, Xeno’s Reliquary, the Gravity and Portal Guns, and the returning Computer Craft and Railcraft all hold things to experiment with. Things you can then blend and combine with any of the over a dozen other mods to create near infinite constructs. All these new and interesting things are open if we move to FTB, and what I’ve listed is from Direwolf, one of the more basic variations.

Now there’s only one question stopping you. Do you want to sit here and wrack your brains trying to keep entertained, or do you want to walk inside and see what it’s like on the other side of the window I’ve shown you?

I say we leave it tekkit for perhaps 3 days after the server rebooting (So I/others can save their programs) and then swap to this magical Feed The Beast.

Note to Sippeh: I’d need you are Fatty/Goof/Liam to help save my programs/computers, seeing as I don’t have W.E. :P, you’d also have to transfer the computercraft folder like last time to the new map.

Crass’s description of FTB sounds pretty darn good. That was one of the lengthier posts too. I am interested. 20 different biomes? Research? I like.

I think we need something new. I’ve ran out of goals in tekkit without starting a new project entirely. I’d be happy to help you save the programmes bro, if other staff agree with that.

@crassclown 0_o. Wall of text

TBH, TL;DR :confused: