sharpshooter1125: no clue

Minecraft Username: sharpshooter1125
Approximate Date of Ban: no clue
OP Who Banned You: no idea

Reason for Ban: Once again I am clueless to why I was banned
Reason for Unban: Because I dont even know what I did. If the person who banned me can tell me why Im sure I can explain my self.
Server: Survival

well we will wait for Zak and Sacred. This time cut the sarcasm to a minimum though, cause it will get you real close to no where on this server.

I believe that this quote can also count for Sharpshooter.

Not to mention you trying to flood his mine also.

So just to sum up everything: you griefed, trolled(insults), and killed staff.

Edit: Zakrox was the one who banned you, so this is not my call.

This should be taken into consideration:

I did warn you.

Also, this is the relevant bit my response:

Stated in mattywolfer’s appeal, I do not want this guy back, he did nothing but terrorize the server, and I would not trust him to be back in, unless he can come up with a GOOD reason as to why he DESERVES to be unbanned. So, sharpshooter, wanna give us a good reason as to why you deserve to come back to our community?

Lol I dont follow. I was banned for doing something in 1.8?

Errr… Maybe you don’t get it. If you do something wrong you get banned. It doesn’t matter when you get banned.

Last chance. Reply with a good reason. If you reply with something like you just did, I will be locking the topic. It isn’t hard to understand the ban system here. Do something wrong - you get banned. You have enough information to know why, when, and who banned you, who was there at the time, etc etc etc blah blah blah.

So, try again.

Quote from: zakrox96 on April 20, 2012, 11:45:01 am

Okay, this is what happened. Mattywolfer and someone else (cant remember for the life of me) were new to the server at the same time in around 1.8, and were minding their own business, and then started to PvP everyone that was online. They also stole the inventories from said players. When asked to stop, they griefed my house/ farms, killing said golem(S) and then leaving. I had no choice but to ban. No from me.
EDIT: also, as sac said, i DID give them a fair chance, but they refused to cooperate.

Why should I be unbanned? Clearly this person doesn’t even know who matty was with. So why would you ban me?

OK, liam warned you. Stop being a fucking smart ass. You could have said something like ‘I wasn’t with matty’ but you didn’t. You decided to fuck up all your chances of being unbanned. Learn to read.
Remaining Banned.