Servers Updated to Minecraft 1.1-R1

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Both our Creative and Survival server have now been updated to the latest Bukkit RB (1.1-R1).

The survival map is currently as it was in 1.0. As a result of fully generating the terrain up to the world border prior to the update, the new jungle biome will not be present. Please direct all 1.2 survival map (ie. keep map vs new map) discussion to this thread.

jungles are in 1.2 andy


Away for a few weeks and this is how out of things I get


I vote for new map cause I want the terrain. I will do my damnedest to save all requested projects so we really wont have much loss. If users would mark the boarders of what we should copy for them, it would help a lot. Signs/out of place looking blocks will make good markers.

New map, me and sacred want to do something unique to the first jungle we find. He will make a silly village, While I make an epic dirt hut tribal village!

I thought that was supposed to be secret. :stuck_out_tongue:
I was going to join you and sacred in the jungle village thing.

Also thank you andy.

There is going to be another thread for builds that are copied right? like just a read me list… Or will it be done here :o

The list of creations to be saved, if we decide on a new map will be in a different thread. I would say a new map as well, and possibly slightly bigger? At the end of the day today if we get a fairly unanimous vote I will create a thread for creations to be saved.

Who’s with me? :stuck_out_tongue:

i vote new map!


Also I’m all for anew map and will help with the saving of stuffsies so we can get back on with the new map :slight_smile:

i vote new map i want to make everything better because theres no fun with nothing to do with the old map :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

I vote new map, the jungle biomes seem like fun.

New map, but we’d better be able to get our creations saved!

New map for jungle biomes!

i set up the borders for my town with lime green wool length and width. FYI on one of the towers there is a note for who ever copies it… and i was wondering, i made an awesome house in a private little village. so can that be copied but moved to my new town I’m making w/ Rippor?

-thank you in advance

Jungle City = What I wanna do!

-Cough cough F-r-y-h…

I love that idea! New map for sure.

Most likely there’s gonna be a few jungle towns :stuck_out_tongue: