Servers Updated to Minecraft 1.1-R1

I vote for a new map, and maybe it could also be a bit bigger? :3

Also, i need my stuff to be copied over as well :smiley:

New map, but Valem better get copied
Also, we should put the copied towns somewhat closer to each other so guests can get to them easier

definitely the arena, fuck yeah

new map but i wanna put ma stuff in the module

I appreciate the efforts the admins have been making for the server transitions. Personally, in the end, itโ€™s all just ones and zeros, so I donโ€™t have any expectations of permanence.

I did move over my chests into the module, though, because starting survival completely from scratch is a bit inconvenient.

I would like the map to be active, so that I can get a bit out of the way for (large) building projects and not crowd anyone (or be crowded.)

Hopefully, the obliteration of thousands of stone blocks will be the only downside to the new server.

I vote new map!
Jungles would be an awesome place to build!
And then climbing vines for parkour!
Canโ€™t wait!