Server Upgrade

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Over the next few weeks you will see plenty of changes to both the server and the website. The creative server and survival server are going to be combined into a single server. It will contain multiple worlds, with portals to travel between them. Check out the ping times around the world here. US based players will notice a great improvement in response times whilst European players will barely notice the difference in location. The server will be more stable than previously and the website will now be on a separate box to the game server.

To get a sneak peak at the new creative map click here. (Mushroom biomes!)

The server will go live within the next two weeks.

We are going to move to a dedicated box with heaps more RAM all to ourselves.

The IP will be:

What is new?

  • A new stats system here
  • Permissions are fixed
  • TNT is enabled
  • Surival and creative maps will be 8000x8000 initially
  • Larger nether world
  • New creative map
  • Richest player list on front page fixed
  • Portal travel between creative and survival worlds
  • Revamped mob reward system
  • 80 player slots

What is being transferred?

  • The entire survival map is being transferred
  • iConomy balances are being transferred
  • Buildings and towns requested from creative will be pasted in

And of course all this new hardware isn’t cheap. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Will we have to put our belongings into the module again?

Wow! Sounds great…just that imma need lots of WE to make creative less of an island :slight_smile:

Nope! The whole survival map is going to moved over!

Also I did an average of the max ping times and I got 136.1ms. Looking at the Minecraft ping is slightly higher, but should offer a much more enjoyable experience.

Like sip said, the survival map will be transferred as it is, so don’t worry about items and stuff. Creative will have the requested builds copied over. Looking forward to it :slight_smile: Shouldn’t be too long before it is all up and running fully.

8gb dedicated to Minecraft

damn thats a lot of ram! and i will be donating about $30 in the next two weeks. hoping to set a standard so others will follow suit! ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: ;D

While I can’t donate much I will try and scrounge together something :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t enchanted items disappear or won’t have there enchantments anymore? And this is awesome!

I know that this is kinda weird but I have a “estate” in GuestBuild. I would love if that could be coppied over. I can’t get the coords right now because of me not being able to get onto creative. But, it is made out of wood brick and stone brick. Also please include the backyard with the leave wall.

oooo… yeah taht is what happend last time. Kyle/Special do we need to make a list with screenshots of enchants that we need saved?

I don’t think so. Nothing will be copied, thats what causes the enchantments to be lost. This will be the whole map, as in the map file, not world edited areas.

Well then there’s no other concerns from me then xD

Maybe I will fix my jar for this

Will the chats from both worlds be separate? Im sure most people on survival don’t want to hear people spamming chat with something on creative, and vise versa for creative. :slight_smile:

Honestly I dont like that map, there isn’t a single mushroom biome in it, and the entire northwestern part of it (25% of the map maybe) is snow. Like Siberia. And then the entire southwest is a giant ocean.

I partially agree, maybe we can fix biomes with MCEDIT?

I don’t much care for mushroom biomes though, they’re meh

Why not make a town in that giant part of the ocean? Underwater cities are fun, but painful to make though :confused:

I like the new creative map more than the old one, but I agree with Hard that the gigantor snow biome is a bit boring.

I like the oceans though.

My only concern is that there is a lot of ocean on the creative map and it seems to take up atleast half of the map.