Server Olympics - Development

[size=20pt]Official PCB Olympics Thread

[size=14pt]/warp olympics

[size=12pt]Welcome! This is the Games Development thread for the PCB Server Olympics! The event will take place once enough olympic games, opening/closing ceremony ideas and the Athlete’s Village have been completed.

To have a chance at getting your game used at the Olympics, go to the warp and start building your idea within one of the lime green 59x35 block plots, found near the Olympic stadium!

SpallatPT will reward the players that develop a game with some money (there’s not a specific amount per game, payment will depend on the quality and fun of the game)!

For more information, please talk to SpllatPT or Petroliam!

[size=12pt]Members of the Development Team:
Project Leader: Petroliam
Co-Leader and Treasurer: SpllatPT
Founder: legotrooper123
Athlete’s Village Lead Developer: Javi
Broadcasting Director: AGx
Referee Team Manager: TheOctopus

[size=14pt]News and Progress Updates

[size=12pt]Media Coverage

[size=12pt]Go to the PCB YouTube channel for the first episode of the Olympic WIP (Work In Progess) Series!

Interviews have also been happening with key members of the planning and build teams, a video containing these will appear at a later date.

There are potential positions for commentators for a few events also, AGx will have more information on this in a future video/post!

Stay tuned!


A lot of work has been done recently on the main entrance, with fountains and flags! If you notice your flag is missing, let us know and we will add it ASAP!

[size=12pt]VIP Tickets and Sponsors

Due to high demand, people who now buy VIP tickets will not be guaranteed seating. If we oversell the tickets, a random name generator will be used to decide who gets allocated seating.

All those who purchase tickets will get their names added to a wall of Olympic Sponsors! In future, SpllatPT will be taking item donations, but this is not being put into effect yet! For more information speak to SpallatPT.

Guaranteed Seating:



Non-Guaranteed Seating:



Sponsors (Did not want a VIP seat)



[size=12pt]Olympic Village Construction

Javi has been appointed the Lead Developer of the Olympic Village!

If you are interested in helping with the construction of Athlete accommodation, complete with training and leisure facilities please contact Javi. If he is not online, feel free to build your ideas at your own location.

Please keep in mind it will be his final decision whether your build is used. Don’t be offended if your builds are not chosen as Javi already has a plan in place! Please follow his instructions if you are accepted as part of the village build team, anything built without his permission at the approved location will be removed.


Firstly im thinking the obvious so: archery, you shoot from one point and you have to get the closest although that could be too easy…, also pvp battles obviously and possibly some parcor? i remember we were like 5 trying to get round Anth’s parcor course for 3 diamonds and noone managing it! it wa quite fun and perhaps quite a good olympic game if you made it bigger or someting?


@twan961 you can develop the any game you want, as long it is playable :b


For the sake of expanding build area, the location has been moved! Everything has been copied over, please continue your builds at the new /warp olympics !

When no more land is needed, the edges will be smoothed off to look natural and a city can be built around it also, if we feel like it.

We also need an oylimpic village :slight_smile:

Yes we do! u can help!

The village will be worked on after the events, unless you want to prototype builds elsewhere in creative. We can then copy them over and edit them to fit in if they’re good :slight_smile:

This would be in Park City, right, after the olympics?

Idk, i stepped out of this project because @legotrooper123 was complaining for the past 3 days that I was trying to take over the project, and to be honest it kinda gets you sick of it! Anyways, he is in charge now, and I think he will ask someone to move all of this to his town!

Lets all see what is the great event that is planing for us :slight_smile:

I think I’m sort of kind of on the build team. I definitely want to contribute a game!

Lego, you seriously need to chill about this. I’ve heard things like this about you before concerning the project. Next time, there may be a tempban in order from me if someone doesn’t do it first. We come here to have a fun time, so please take other people’s consideration into effect. Hell, Spllat was nice enough to finance the prizes from his own supply for you.

Anyway, are we still in agreement that the stadium/olympic village/games will be moved back into Park City after the event is over?

Lego isn’t in charge. Spllat, I will not have you backing down, you’ve been useful with organising and building this.

Not saying Lego hasn’t been useful, but he isn’t in charge of it.

We will build the events, stadium and a city at the new location, but if it fits afterwards I can try ad move it back into Park City. Another option is to keep the new location for event development, clear the old location and work on the village there. I feel it would look nicer in an actual city.

Any thoughts?

Sounds like a plan, but then the general amenities of an entire city also need to be built up in and around it, not to mention you’ve got to find a suitable mayor that most/all players (or at least those involved in construction and perhaps those competing) are agreed upon. You don’t see the actual Olympics being held in their own special country, after all.

I like this. I’d really like to have it in Park City because it’s quite a nice stadium and it’s something most CMP cities don’t have. I’m quite the realistic builder when it comes to cities, so having the olympic village there as well would settle my little pet peeve ;D

Ferf, Willink, and David9336 are all good rowhouse-style builders, so maybe we can ask them to help us out? I know Ferf has already contributed, so maybe he’d be more willing.

@AngelSentinel He’s not talking about making an entire new city, he’s said he’d like to have the olympic village in Park City because it’s more suitable in a city. At least that’s what I got out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Scratch that - you’re right, Angel. @Petroliam I don’t think building a city would be the best plan. Quite a bit of work, eh?

I would love to help. If I come up with an activity I’ll let yall know.

Spllat, like liam has said, we need you to step up to this HUGE project because the project is at such a mass, it takes itself to the extent of PCB History! Don’t let Lego make you step down from the project because he’s angry your ‘apparently taking over the whole project’.

And Lego, please understand the difference between ‘taking over’ and ‘massively contributing’.

By the way as soon as I have the PCB YouTube details given to me, I will be posting Episode 1 of PCB Olympics WIP (Work in progress). More details about the whole series later in a different thread.

Maybe a SOP ( @Petroliam ) can take the lead of this project, I will continue to help but Its probably better if a SOP takes control!

I find am fed up with the constant squabbling on the server over the last few days re the Olympic build - who is in charge - etc so have removed my name from the Olympic board for the forseeable future…

If it ends up being NOTHING like i intended it to be (Not in halcyon, In creative etc.) ill probs quit. Also when i first talked about it everyone (Including Spllat) Said “Good idea!”

@legotrooper123 having a idea is one thing, making it happen is another story! Doing a nice event takes time and preparation, things that you don’t seem to understand and to be honest, I think you are not caring about the event anymore, all you want right now is just show people that you’re the boss of the olympics.

Also, why are you telling people that I delete everything that you do? From what i know, you asked Liam to delete your stadium, and the only thing that I deleted that you built, was the noteblock thing that you left in the middle of the entrance to the Stadium that me and other members built!

If you want to quit, than quit, not saying that we don’t want you there , because if we want this to succeed we can’t exclude no one and, its way more funnier if we all participate on this, but if you are going to keep that shitty attitude that you are having right now its probably better if you leave! You’re more than welcome to help us doing this, but make sure you change your behavior! :-\