Server Down for Maintenance.

Server keeps crashing today, so to prevent loss of items and blocks, the server will remain down untill we get indication from Spec that the server is stable again. Expect this to take approximately 12 to 24 hours or more.

Thanks for your cooperation, and sorry about this.

~Shadowmeire & PCB Staff

O damn :<

@spec. I had the same on my server and it was the MultiVerse plugin, I should look at mv first.


i’m so sad that it’s down D:

PLZ get it back running as soon as you guys can PLZ


We are trying Jake. ATM Spec is probably asleep or just waking up. This truly is a rare occurance though, ive been here for… 2.5 years? and this is like the first or second time this has ever happen.

Just bear with us and we will have things straight ASAP

I really need this up as soon as possible tomorrow my group is meeting and it took us forever to coordinate all of our schedules so please get the server up and running by tomorrow

Our creative map has corrupted. I’ll have to delete a huge chunk of it.

RE: Shadow’s post.

Working on it as fast as possible. There are a million things that could be causing this, so its hard to pinpoint. I’m going to update Java first, then plugins, and if all fails, I’ll have to put the map in an editor and delete chunks.

sounds like a pain =< wish i could help in someway spec

Anyone know how to get java-7 onto Ubuntu 11.04? This is quite a pain. Might take a while

Is the survival map changed?Or is it creative?

nothing is changed. the game is down. something broke, and spec is having a hard time, i really can’t say more than that.

If you want to continue playing MC on PCB’s servers, join Feed the Beast, the IP is at the top where it says Tekkit.

Ok guys, just got done talking to Spec, there is some corruption in the CMP map around Spawn like he said. Server is going to be down for at least 24 hours. As soon as we know more, we will keep you updated. Take this time to learn the ins and outs of FTB.

First Off, I want to say Good Luck.

I know how hard it can be to actually find what the issue with a server is. However, I would advise use the time wisely, and perform any updates and fix the known bugs if possible.


and thx for helping and telling a relevant time :smiley:


in the meantime of the server being down, I advise that people use the classic server and keep it alive.

Classic: Project City Build [MCForge]

Must be logged into for the above link to work.

I believe(keyword is believe) that the Creative map will be wiped. Survival should be left as is. Im not sure about the time, but it will most likely be up by tomorrow, if it isnt a major problem.

Well good luck, spec. I hope this all gets sorted out. I wonder how those chunks got corrupted? And jav, it just sounds like part of creative’s spawn has gotten corrupted, not survival or the rest of creative. I dunno how large the area is though, hopefully it’s not too big. That would truly suck if we had to wipe creative, after all the work put into it so far. But what must be done must be done.

HOPEFULLY with this it will fix whatever Ram leak we’ve been having, and be able to have more lag-free enviornment!