Server Advert

What’d ya think for this ad for when we go public guys?

It’s a good idea, but it could look better. It looks sort of unprofessional. No offence intended of course, just some constructive criticism.

well yes, it is a first draft. I don’t think over complicating it is going to make the advert more appealing though. I think the content is good, i’ve spent an hour pondering it before hand. Any ideas for a better presentation?

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

Now you’ve just added some brushes to it, and ones with hard edges too. Tbh it doesn’t look that interesting to me, nor does it fit in with the site. Sure it uses elements of the site, but it looks overly complex, while the site is more minimal. Try to match the style more.

Also sorry if this came off as harsh.

Looks nice red, But I think we should feature something different in the background, Such as spawn? Or some good player built buildings?

sip I went with minimal first. and it wasn’t good enough. now its over complex… you guys are sometimes hard to please :L and err, yh i was gonna use spawn, but i thought the market’s more like community based. its all up to whoever at the end of the day. i don’t care what i make, just tell me what ya want :L just with slightly more er, tactful criticism like ouhai.

I feel like the background is too washed out, too white. And the text… it’s too advertising… almost sounds like we want you to buy a product. I don’t really know, most server advertisements look horrible to begin with, because there’s no standard or anything to base off of.

i took a course in graphic art, i’ve got a qualification in it. I can handle whatever you ask for. Just decide on something and ill put it together. and the text is merely saying what any minecraft player looks for in a server.

i agree, the backgrounds too white btw, its coz im rendering it transparent, so its using the forum background for 25% of the opacity, i can change that when i render it final.

Here’s more along my thinking… Did the actually building bit in about 5min, pictures were that hardest. I scaled down so the cities bit is messed up

Maybe even just an image with the logo? That probably explains it enough. It is extremely difficult to put words on it without it sounding cheesy…

the word epic is a hideous cliche. And, by using only graphology you guys are closing your audience immensely. People aren’t gonna look at that and think, woot friendly server, lets join. They’re gonna think. yes i can build like every other minecraft server in the galaxy. It looks nice. but its not going to do anything.

and my god treetop looks like shit.

WHAT?!?! That picture of tree top is awesome with the shaders :D.

I must say I like sips draft better at the moment, but both are good starters.

I feel that the anti grief measures should be noted as well, this could potentially gain views from players and keep out a few griefers who will think (ahh fuck it, not even worth it, lets find a easier server to pick on)

I disagree with your opinion on treetop. I think it looks pretty impressive, a sprawling complex of walkways that is completely different to anything I have seen on PCB before. The ‘messiness’ of it is what gives it its character.

Anyway, I made some things which could be combined into one.

Would look better with shaders however :stuck_out_tongue:

i know im just joking around, i reside at treetop, i love it :stuck_out_tongue: your right the messiness does give it character.

Use some epicer pictures, like a few of BigCity.

I like all of them so far. Sip’s looks the most professional, but like red said, epic is too clichéd. Liam’s is too minimalistic with just the words and an image. I like the concept of red’s. Maybe combine the 3? Use an overall design similar to sip’s with the minimalistic curveyness and PCB colours and have the text red was using in liam’s font? Try that. It won’t hurt. We can draft and redesign as much as we want.

Just google minecraft font to find it, then I basically wrote the word 3 times, pasted it into a new layer, moved it, recoloured, repeat.
I think the Explore. Image works well, with the fog.
Sip’s layout is good, definitely use shaders, maybe a bit of bloom for a night time city shot, would look good (like one of the homepage images).
Red’s has too much text, but we need to have some to give brief reasons why our server is different. But very brief reasons.

see, this is why i like this community. you all listen even eventually to one and other. Combination is always a good compromise. Mine’s more like a damn advert for a garden centre than advert, granted, its good to see some middle ground here guys… But like Ouhai said, we need to differentiate ourselves.

In all honesty, again I appreciate what you’re doing but that’s not quite the style we’re going for.

There’s a number of design problems with your current one:

  • That shade of blue is too dark and therefore doesn’t contrast with the background. It’s rather unreadable and hard on the eyes.

  • That image to begin with is not the kind of thing you can use as a background. There’s no place you could comfortably insert text as there’s no negative space for it either. It’s the kind of image you would have on its own rather than as a background.

  • It’s unbalanced since you justified the text all to the left, yet you have two columns cutting down the middle and uneven rows.

Sip’s one works a bit better, not so much because it matches our visual style but because it’s simple. The simpler you make it the less problems you’re likely to encounter.