School starting very soon for me :/

I thought i would post this to say that school is starting for me in a little over a week. I went and picked up my schedule today and spent maybe 2 hours trying to fix some of the problems i had with it. First i was missing a 4th period, then i had to drop 2 periods and then pick 3 to so i could have enough credits. Now i should have it all fixed up now. If not ima hurt someone at the start of school. Most likely it will have to be a teacher that mouths off to me. So now if it is all fixed, i should have my 2 college classes and then some pre ap algebra and pre ap physics, hopefully i will still have my Teacher’s PET class and the library aide so i can have some off time to work with all this extra stuff ima be stuck with. Then i have animation and art, :smiley: Probably the best classes out of all the school. ;D

Then after that ima probably try and find an after school job so i can pay for all the stuff ima be needing in the next year.

So basically i am just saying that with all my new advanced classes and other things that i am going to be needing, it may be hard for me to find time to come on the server. So sorry if i can’t come on any more for a while. :confused:

Anyways, anybody got some interesting news about their school coming up? I would like to know if i am the only one getting screwed over this year with all my tough classes or not. XD

Already in school.

Honors Physics, AP Calculus AB, Student Gov, AP Language, AP US this term. Next term AP Calc BC, Art (dropping in favor of Spanish 3 or AP Stats.) and the rest are the same, year long classes.

Cool. That all looks like some tough stuff. Makes my high school courses seem easy. XD :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m doing cross country and band. And I’m taking chemestry. You guys will help me, right?

No school till September. Taking Chemistry, Physics, Maths and History for A level. Gunna be tough.

I go back when ouhai does^
I actually got my AS level results yesterday. AS is the first year of a levels, A2 is the second. I don’t know what the American equivelant is, but it’s whatever 17 and 18 year da do before university…? Eh. Anyway, basically I’m a bit stuck. Didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but better rhan others.
The subjects I Did were physics, chemistry, biology and geography. The 3 science ones are split into 3 modules, 2 being exams, the third being a practical exam here you have to do a science experiment and stuff. Geography is the same without the prac.

I can either continue With 4, or drop one subject and do 3. Ideally I would drop physics, as I find it interesting, just the actual work is… Ugh.
Anyway, results:
Physics: G491 - C, G492 - E, G493 - C. This comes out as D overall, which im surprise at as its probably my worst subject. Don’t really want to continue next year, doubt i will. Might resit the E to get a better final mark, depends what else I do.
Chemistry: CHEM1 - D, CHEM2 - E, CHMT3 - E. this is an E overall. This is the problem one, as I would like to continue it next year ideally. Unsure what to do. I might just continue withou results, try and get some sort of pass at the end of it.
Geography: Geography 1 - A, Geography 2 - E. C overall. Don’t know what happened with the second one, but I know I can improve that. Will be doing this next year.
Biology: BIOL1 - B, BIOL 2 - B, BIO3T - C. B overall. This is good, the B’s are nearly A’s which is a bit annoying, but I’m fine with that given the rest of the results. Will be doing this next year too.

No college until late September (higher education not American school) I’m studying music performance I’m in my second year, after that I will take a degree.

I’m already back. Liam, the SAT is what we do before college, which is funny because we also do the SAT when were younger too.

That reminds me, I am prob Gona be taking some SATs this year too. :stuck_out_tongue: They weren’t kidding when they said junior year ismgona be the toughest. It is a big change from last year. Never thought I would get in the college classes. I was prepared to be taking much easier classes. XD that isn’t Gona work.

Im in school, but as most of you know, in 5th grade so… xD
EDIT: 100th post!!! >.> <.<

I just finished checking my schedule. I had to change some stuff up. Now i have pre ap spanish 3. o.O DX SOOO MUCH ADVANCED CLASSES!!! The worst part is, i may not be able to get a car so that i can make it to college. This is gona suck if i can’t find a way to get to my college classes. :confused:

I won’t have a car in college. I plan on going to a 4-year immediately. One that is not near my house. Taking PSAT, SAT, and the Plan. Whatever more scores helps I guess.

Also myth, don’t psych yourself into thinking they are hard or will be hard, it wont help you. Just remember to do good, that’s about it. I was worried about AP Lang, since I haven’t been great in English previous years, after meeting the teacher and going over the syllabus it looks like a fun class that happens to have the AP test attached to it. Not saying that I can relax, but I take school seriously so I think I will do good naturally. Having confidence really helps out a lot. Hope I could get the right message across here, my brain is a bit scattered.

However, you don’t want to be over confident. Do your best with stuff, and just as importantly as really working, don’t worry about how you did in any exams. The results you get are what you get. You need to be prepared for disappointment but you don’t have to expect it. If any of that made sense. I’m tired, shut up. <.<

I studied, just thought I would do better xD Gonna really work at chemistry next year though.

Oh I agree, I thought I failed my AP Euro exam, but I passed. I wasn’t too worried and I was one of the 6 kids that passed with my teacher. I was really prepared to fail, even told my parents.

In school I only failed 3 subjects and in 5 years I never took anything seriously at all… came out with C’s and B’s and now I’m doing a degree

Yeah, why?

I’ve mentioned it so many times no one ever takes notice of it hahaha

YAY MUSICz. Give me your bass? Yeah? Awesome, thanks :smiley:
Keeping on topic, I didn’t really like music in school. It was never actually any music, we just learnt about old styles rather than writing music or even learning to read it. Too much theory not enough practical. I probably learnt more playing guitar myself.

I didn’t enjoy music until year 11… we had 2 truly rubbish teachers until then. He made us go into groups for a module, and because i couldn’t be bothered to play trumpet I pretended that I knew no instruments or anything so he made me learn bass.

And about that bass… My Ibanez 5-string? I’ve had it for two days and it’s already 100x better than my other bass. Dat B string.