School starting very soon for me :/

Well if this doesn’t work out, my juggling is getting way better, so i can try out clown college if i need to. XD

Lol, this topic filled up all the recent activity on the home page. XD

you know why? because Nickelback. Thats why

Because everyone loves school. Oh and I might get a job from the school, while school is in that is. For fixing Technology lol.

Nice. I still need to find a job that wouldn’t keep me too long after school so i can get to my homework as quick as possible. The sooner i would have that done the sooner i could get to doing something to get my mind off of school. XD However, if i don’t get the volvo, i am gona be in a tight situation with college and all that. If i could just get the volvo, it would make me feel like i can actually manage all of these things. That is unless i get a ticket, then i would be totally F****ED. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will probably do my best to get into either a college with a good animation program, or a college that i could show to most jobs and get hired. :stuck_out_tongue: However i heard that my uncle’s tattoo artist makes around 170k a year. So that sounds like a reasonable job. XD It would definitely deal with some art, so that would be good for me. The only problem is, i would probably need to intern for a while before i could make any money. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planning on becoming a teacher so I can make kids better than the shitheads today
or just fuck with them

or become a pilot

If my career as an army musician fails I am gonna be a music teacher and I’m gonna be Mr Schneebly and the kids will love me I’ll be the coolest motherfucker ever.

Our school actually gave us good music classes in year 9 (9th grade?). They wanted people to take it so they had us forming bands within the class and then learning and performing songs. Then we had to write our own for the final part.

I took ICT thinking it would be learning about computers and stuff. But it was just ‘How to use programs you will never be able to afford.’ (We used a lot of Adobe stuff…). Luckily, I get the equivalent of 3 C grades out of it.