School is totally screwing me over

Sorry about my inactivity recently.
These college courses are kinda screwing me over. I have bee stressing out a ton because I can’t get some of the supplies I need. I am now trying to find a few textbooks. They cost over 100 dollars for them together used. My dad tried to be supper cheap and tell me how he had to pay for his own books. That pissed me off. After a bit of talking and him bringing that up like 10 times, he is going to get a PayPal account set up and then barrow some of my money so he can pay for them now. (I hate how I am the only one in my family that can save money)

After college, my other advanced classes seem easy.

Now I’m acing to get a job on every other weekend so I can save up more money to afford some car ensurance. So that means I don’t really even get all the weekends off. I hope icahn save up a good bit before I get my car.

I have also been without a computer I the house for a little over a week now. So I am just waiting for another week or so to get my school laptop.

All and all, I am sorry for not being able to get on for so long, but if any of this was somewhat clear then it’s kinda obvious I can’t make much time for playing minecraft. D:

Busy busy O_o

Good luck with job hunting, and try not to get too stressed, the work will be worth it. :smiley:

I don’t know if ima be able to hold it together for much longer. I just found out that the site doesn’t take PayPal, and I’m not sure if my dad has any other form of credit cards. If that class wasn’t the only one that I had with my crush I would probably have dropped that course by now and gone to some normal high school classes. The thought of it being easier for me to get these classes out of the way now is nothing to me now. It is so not easier for me this way. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope that if I get the books I will be able to just worry about the walk I take to there and the studying I have to do.

I’ve been buisy too. Cross Country, Seussical the Musical, Chemistry, Algebra, and tons of other stuff.

I know that feel bro. I know that feel.

I start back on the 10th, going to be a hectic year. Then even more hectic at the end preparing for uni… I’m actually kinda scared. I’m a pretty socially awkward person, that’s why I spend a lot of time gaming and stuff, that, and most of my good friends aren’t going to the same 6th form as me, and I’m stuck with some assholes.

I would have moved out of wrestling, but I need the credit (LEL FRESHIE)
All my classes are fine besides that though I fall asleep in biology, just wish I got the engineering class I was hoping for

I used to be kinda socially awkward, but I’m getting to be more social. Kinda have to be to cheat in class. Jk, but I have been able to over come my awkwardness a bit. Except for around the girl I’m trying to impress. XD it seems like that’s always the case. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wish my school had restleing, I dominated everybody when we did it for fun in middle school. Oh well, gives me time to do other classes. :slight_smile:
I never really thought you were a freshy ggg, I thought you were either junior, senior, or graduated. XD

Oh the US education system. restleing.

I like restleing a lot more than football. Mostly because I can get into something that doesn’t require me worrying about a whole team doing what there supposed to.

Wrestling Myth
It’s wrestling

I am not sure how much I can help, but my school has a massive electronic library. Tell me the name of your textbooks and I might be able to get them for you electronically. I can certainly help with reference materials.

Some of my texts come locked with DRM. Those would be a pain to work with.

Give me a research topic or textbook name.

I’m having a hard time following this conversation :stuck_out_tongue: Much easier here in Aus.
Primary School
Secondary School
University (Tertiary education)

Also what are some of the names of the books. We can try and track down cheap copies of them for you.

Primariy school: year 1 - 6 (compulsary, there is reception and stuff before that, but yeah)
High school: years 7 - 11 (compulsary)
6th form/college: 12 - 13 (not compulsary, you can go get a job or whatever)
University: same for everyone, depends on length of course.

I’m going into year 13 when I go back. I got a lot of my shook textbooks online as ebooks. Maby your publisher has that top?

That would be insanely awesome if you could find these on digital copy, or even just cheaper versions.
One of them is called bedford guide for college writers by Kennedy. The other is called America (v1) by Tindall.

This one is $1 plus shipping.

And this one is $9 plus shipping

Well, I managed to find the first book, but not the second. The problem is, the DRM is heavy on these things. I believe I can give you a copy as an XPS file. Working on that now…

I believe I have cracked the DRM to an extent. You can open the XPS file no problem and use the search function as intended. The issue is supposed to be with the PDF version I am giving as well. I was told the search function does not work. Lets find out.

Nope! It seems to work just fine! Will post link in a second.
It has both versions in here. Hope it helps! At the very least, you can put this on your phone or whatever can read PDF for travel reading.

Thanks for the help guys. :smiley: I found a textbook app for my iPad, so now I don’t have to lugg around a bunch of oversized books. I think it might work on my iPod too if I don’t want to take my iPad to school.

I can probably use that digital version you got Kyle.

Wow Myth, sounds like you’re loaded up!

On the textbooks thing: this is an awesome example of how amazing this community is - you guys are awesome!

Good luck Myth, with everything. :smiley:

uggg its gonna suck so much the first day new school :confused:

Thanks, ima need a lot of luck if ima survive this school year. XD
This is definitely the best community there is. No other server compares to this one. ;D