Return of Trusted+

Dear Staff,
Hello, I am tomicalover. I’ve been on PCB for around 5 years now. I love PCB and I love building in PCB but over the years it has become difficult to get work done efficiently; now that I’m in college, I don’t have much time to be clearing forests or placing every block of a road. I think some can relate. I would like to propose that we bring back the process of promoting to Trusted+ because it would be immensely helpful to use WorldEdit when we need to get things done (plus I’m trying not to get tendinitis haha). I hope you consider my proposition and I look forward to hearing a response. Thank you.

tomicalover (tomi)

Hi Tomi,
The Trusted+ nomination system is still active at the moment
Hope this helps,

Hello Matt, thanks for the reply. How does one become nominated for Trusted+? Cheers.

Most of the information you need is in the original announcement, however simply put the process is actually very similar to the process from trusted just much more stringent.

How does one get nominated?
First you need to get nominated by a SOP.
Then it gets put to a vote.
If you pass you get the rank.

Just like trusted if you ask for it, you greatly reduce your chance of getting it. You literally just need to earn the unequivocal trust of the staff team because we would be giving you a large amount of responsibility and power. Bad w/e can be a nightmare.

On that note - you don’t just get w/e and if that’s the only reason someone wanted the rank then they should probably rethink the value and significance of the rank.You get given guides instructions etc and then have to pass a test. Just like the rest of the staff team. Its also not a requirement, if you don’t want w/e or feel uncomfortable with it that’s fine you can have the rank without it.

There are other privileges but I think all that is pretty well explained by our original announcement.


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