New Rank: You asked, we answered

I think it’s a fair assumption to make that the suggestion we receive the most is to expand World Edit access outside of staff. We’ve continually shot it down for a number of reasons, but we’ve finally come around.


Trusted+ is a new rank that combines all of the perks of Trusted and Donator, plus a few extras-- most notably the potential for World Edit access. Players are nominated by members of the Management team (SOPs and Admins) for the rank. Successfully nominated players will receive…

  • the ability to apply and test for solo World Edit access in Creative.
  • early access and user acceptance testing privileges for new projects.
  • colored nicknames.
  • … and more perks coming soon!

Just like Trusted, your chances of being nominated decrease SIGNIFICANTLY if you ask for the rank. Please understand that Trusted+ will be marginally more selective due to the gravity of the associated perks. Our initial nominations will be put forward soon, so stay tuned for first promotions.


don’t forget to congratulate me on my demotion


O_O I cannot believe it!



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Dude. Worldedit for non-mods? Seem’s OP but i’m not complaining. More people to //stack my builds :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey hey hey! Not so fast. Trusted+ players will actually be discouraged if not disallowed from helping other players with World Edit. Nobody, not even the staff, is required to help you. World Edit is a privilege and is treated as such.


sounds litty :slight_smile:

Good Job

yay, what a fun new shiny rank

oof… unfortunate. I’ll do it the hard way then, no sweat