i think there should be a section on the forums where you can report staff. like where only SOP or admin and see

many thanks

Just to get out of the way that I can see it?

I gave you a total of 5 warnings But no you keep talking back

-3 warnings
-2 kicks
finally 1 Temp ban

You show no respect to the staff ranks

i think its the other way around yoni. you try to act smart then it backfired and abused your powers because i “pissed u off” inturn you have no respect for players

How about we look at the full chat logs instead of just snippets of the chat that you took screenshots of.

thats fine that is practically the whole conversation

I…uh…don’t see a problem here? Those chat images show yomi doing her job and you two simply arguing as players. The argument does not seem that heated.

Back to the topic at hand though, as it is, you can PM any of the higher staff about your complaint. If we deem it worth looking into, we post about it in the SOP/Admin board. In other words, just PM one of us and we will listen. Just to make things easier, I volunteer as the complaint receiver. If you wish to send to someone else, feel free. Just don’t sent messages to everyone.

ok thank you kyle and can i make a suggestion of a rule to be added. if you dont want people to exploit loop holes/glitches add a rule to ban that

We already have a player reports section. Just use that. That way we can get both sides of the story. If you really have to hide it from the world, then message one of us, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

If one of our staff is doing something wrong, it’s likely to be dealt with faster if it’s posted in the public section of the forums.

I don’t want to see any more arguments between you and Yomi. From the chat you posted Matty I agree with Kyle. You did seem to be trying to contradict her for the sake of it in some parts where she seemed to just be doing her job.

Actually. Abusing loopholes and glitches is bannable. It always has been. Its kind of a universal rule over all minecraft servers to not be immature.and abuse glitches.

I think its just like the saying is, “It takes two to fight”. Both of them had a few problems in this conversation and both could have acted better so there was no problem. Matty was abusing a glitch and acting like its okay cause everyone else does it and that since he is a donator he can abuse shit, Which is bannable. Yomi reacted to matty is a somewhat hostile way in a tone that I would consider to be a bit forcing. You can see this in how she instantly stated that she is going to ban. (I mean was there any warning before, or is the pictures just unorganized.) The way it looks right now, Yomi instantly started to act like a joykill instead of just warning matty and telling him why you shouldn’t do it instead of saying she will ban.

So I suggest that matty be unbanned with a warning and both of you apologize to each other for this stupid fight that could have been avoided.

I think there is a misunderstanding here. Ninja and I spoke on steam about this. She did not say she was going to ban, just that she would if he kept it up.

The way I see this, is that it was a simple, “You broke the rules, I will let you go if it is fixed”. “NO!” “Okay then, tempban”.

Yomi essentially said this to Matty, and he wanted to argue that he should not be punished because he knows others that do it too. If your caught with drugs, do you say that it’s okay cause everyone you know does it? Nope, jail. Yomi’s warning seemed like she would have let Matty go.

Ninja, Everybody knows abusing any kind of glitch can cause punishment. He knew from the start that it can happen and If we staff go easy about a glitch like this It will happen again.

I am strict with rules because in my eyes No One is above the rules.
You know it when your wrong if your on this server for this long.
Matty kept going against me which indeed made me annoyed and he kept talking back.

I’m like This is the deal No turning around it and Never shove it on my plate when your doing something wrong

Well for some people including myself, if there was no warning before and you did say that I would think that people would find it quite hostile as for even though it is wrong and some people may know it, its better to at first tell him to stop and talk with him a bit nicer and if he refused THEN you bring up banning instead of instantly saying it without anything before. Of course it is matty’s fault for using such a glitch and refusing but both of you ended up getting a bit annoyed with each other and it ended with matty being banned and a thread being made.

I suggest just like I have before, matty unbanned with a warning, and both you apologize then get on with life.

Im failing to see the glitch :confused:

Honestly, what i saw from the snapshots were just bickering. Nothing more

Ninja, you seemed to skip yomi’s post:

I gave you a total of 5 warnings But no you keep talking back

-3 warnings
-2 kicks
finally 1 Temp ban

Sounds like she did do exactly what you just said.

Can we move on and play nice now? Matty already said he’s moved on from it.


Sorry to post in the thread after its locked, but can we come to a conclusion if we should do like I said and unban matty with a warning and then both of them apologize cause even though yomi’s post about the warnings and kicks is what she said I’ve been looking at the pics matty posted in which i am still not sure of the full situation but If what was in the pictures good enough info, then I would personally find the way yomi delt with it a bit harsh. But of course matty’s attitude of not caring about cheating with the glitch is wrong and he should be given a warning and if he does do it again then a real punishment should be done.

Matty was only temp banned by Yomi for 5 minutes. No action was ever taken against him abusing the glitches.

Then if hes unbanned, the ban list is glitched. Now if both yomi and matty are good, we can be done here.

(P.S. Nice 888 total posts whu ^)