ReineiiTori - 8th of June, 2013


Minecraft Username ReineiiTori

Date of Ban 8th of June, 2013
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Namillo

Reason for Ban "causing trouble and pushing limits"

Reason to be Unbanned Yomi was saying I was impersonating staff. I wasn’t. CafeMocha was asking staff to unban his friend. I then told him that he has to do that on the website, because if he asks he may get banned himself. I used one line of caps then said to excuse the caps. Yomi kicked me off the server for the reason “behave normal plz”. I came on and told her I was being normal. Then she said to stop impersonating staff, and I wasn’t. I was giving a friend advice so he wouldn’t get in trouble for asking on the server. Nam then banned me for “causing trouble and pushing limits”. I don’t understand this at all! I did nothing wrong, you can read my chat.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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As a semi-involved party and witness. I would like to clarify the situation.

CoffeeMocha had been asking for the last half an hour for the mods to unban someone called Skylord. He did this repeatedly (at least five times) and each time was told the same thing, that his friend needed to go post an appeal. Eventually on his latest repeat of the same statement Reineii answered herself and told them the same thing as before and then advised them to respect the rules or they’d get banned themselves.

She then said something in caps and then yomi got upset, and reineii said to excuse the caps. Yomi then kicked reineii, telling her to ‘act normal plz’. Reineii rejoined and asked how she was not acting normal and sarcastically said she couldn’t be like everyone else and then Yomi told her not to impersonate staff, stating that by telling someone they’d get banned was impersonating staff. Namillo then banned Reineii out of the blue and that was that.

You come on the server every daily just to see how far you can push staffs buttons before you get kicked. You mock staff and you are constantly raging in the comments. When you get kicked its a sign to stop whatever you’re doing. I’ll wait to see what other staff has to say before making a decision.

Up to you

(This is the incident of the ban reason)

First of all, Yomi’s kick was OFFENDING to me because she was telling me I wasn’t normal. I do not rage in the comments and poke staff’s buttons. I am kind to staff and I JOKE with them. If you think joking is pushing another’s buttons, you have it all wrong. I love this community but apparently it doesn’t love me back if this is the reason I’m kicked and banned. You banned me wrongly and I won’t stand for it. I don’t care what rank I am, I have lots of witnesses that know I didn’t do anything wrong and was standing up for myself rather than ‘pushing limits’ and ‘causing trouble’.

The reason was ACT normal plz not BE normal plz

It’s pretty much the same thing, because actions make you. In this case, you took my actions, bent them out of shape, and they broke me. Thank you, Yomi. :’(

I get that reineii is the sort of person that pushes peoples buttons. We need to learn to live with these people it is a sign of maturity if you can. Reineii is my friend and an excellent person. I understand she starts drama on the server but that makes it real. Without said drama minecraft wouldn’t last a day it is a normal human thing to do. I really wish the staff would please reconsider this think as adults and you see you need to learn to live with people like her or you will never grow up.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely, Brayden Carpenter

Also, I would like to clarify another thing for the staff that chooses if I am banned or not banned.

First of all, my friend Emily LOVES to play on my account, thought she has her own. She has purposely made many griefs to people and taken from my friend’s chests. When I came back on and used redstone ore to find ‘ReineiiTori did this, ReineiiTori did that,’ I immediately fixed whatever was broken and replaced whatever was gone.

For example, you may ask YMBninjakiller, Staff OP. He had come on and asked to talk to me. He summoned me and asked me if a certain chest was farmiliar. I had said no. He told me it was his donation chest and that it says I took everything inside of it. I used redstone to find ‘Reineii Tori took out _____’. I immediately told him it was my friend Emily, then wrote down everything missing. I went back to my house and found everything she had stashed in chests. I gave it back to him. He told me he also had a high level enchanted bow someone had donated. I couldn’t find the bow anywhere in chests, so I’ve been leveling up since. I still haven’t given up.

I LOVE this community and it makes me sad to think if my appeal isn’t accepted, I’ll never build, see buildings, and communicate with my friends again. I may be crazy on the server, but that’s just my personality and people should learn to accept that everyone is different and that cannot be changed. I enjoy joking with staff and seeing their reactions towards a crazy kid throwing random jokes. Of course, if I’m asked to stop, I stop. If I can tell the staff does not like what I’m doing, I stop or change the subject to something different.

I don’t mean to sound cruel when making sarcastic remarks, like the one I used before banned saying ‘Sorry I can’t be like everyone else,’. But I hope you will notice that I am making a huge effort to come back to this server not only because I’m bored a lot, but because this community is kind.

Please, I ask you to unban me kindly. I meant no harm and though every human makes mistakes and it can’t be changed, I won’t make a mistake like this one any time soon.

Thank you, Courage. And yes, I poke people’s buttons, but I don’t think of “I wonder what it takes until they break.”. I think of it as a “ha ha, that’s funny. or ha ha, that’s weird” joke. I’m not pushing staff’s buttons to make them angry at me or kick/ban me. In fact, I hardly do that at all. For me, pushing-buttons is a normal joke that someone would tell. You’ll soon find it’s not only that way for me when you read my chat. You’ll feel the same way.

Gonna say the same thing I say to every appeal that has something to do with this category. If you are going to share your account,You hereby are responsible for whatever happens on your account. I understand you did take action for your friend Emily’s misbehavior, however I would strongly suggest that you don’t let her play on the same servers as you anymore, things like this are what makes people get banned. Can I just add though, this seems very irrelevant to your original ban appeal, shouldn’t have to relate it to other things as such :S

Yes, it is irrevelant. I’m just trying to show the staff that I am willing to fix all of my mistakes, even if they aren’t made by me. In this case, it was an innocent mistake that other staff took WAY out of hand. I have already taken action against Emily and changed my password twice because she guessed it the 2nd time and griefed/stole again. I’m just really hoping staff will take mercy on me and let this go, because of course, it was staff that had taken the situation to a much higher level than what it really was.

So, what seems to have happened:
-Cafemocha repeatedly asked for unban, and was repeatedly told that the banned person in question should appeal the ban, as Yomi is seen doing so in the chat. Reineii, probably annoyed with the spam, warned him that repeated harassment could get him banned. This is not staff impersonation, this is a simple warning of the possible consequences of repeated harassment. She told him to ‘listen to the rules’, she is not taking all the authority upon herself.
Yomi, a staff member, was already adressing the problem, Reineii’s involvement was unneccessary. It’s hard to keep out of someone’s business if said business is repeatedly spamming chat without listening, though.

-Reineii said something in caps, and was sorry for doing so. No problem here.

-Yomi kicks her and asks her to behave normal. This is a rather vague warning. Yomi says that it is not allowed
to say that one is going to get banned. This is true, but like I said in the first point, Reineii was warning him. A case of misinterpretation. At least, that is what I think.

-Namillo bans Reineii for causing trouble and pushing limits. This seems rather vague to me as well, and I’d like to see a bit more of the chat logs or an explanation of what limits were pushed and what trouble was made. Reineii was about to say something [size=1em] in the third picture, could possibly be part of the reason for the ban if it was an insult.

It wasn’t going to be an insult, I was going to say to Anjwalker 'Apparently Yomi is just trying to help me out, imma keep quiet now."
I don’t see an insult to throw at Yomi, though she hurt my feelings with the way she worded the reason for kicking me, I wouldn’t have insulted her. I can see she was trying to shut me up because a higherarchy was online, and could ban me for my actions.

I’ve waited to make my story till it was a bit more clear to everyone but I see it is getting out of hand a bit.

A guy was spamming about unbanning his friends then reineiitori suddenly said


i told no caps plz

and reineiitori answered quiet angry back and not saying serious she is sorry.

She got angry used caps and I thought she could better cool down so I kicked her saying she should act normal (act normal plz) I admit I may have had to put it in better words like cool down.

She got back and Got Very angry and said some stuff to me and Namillo then reached his limit and banned her ( I didnt know he was doing it)

I still think I wasn’t that wrong with my Judgement I may have showed it a little bit different which was my fault.

I never said “SHUT UP OR YOURE GOING TO GET BANNED” The staff will read my chat to find that I had said, “You have to do that online. Listen to the rules or you’ll get banned yourself”. Yomi, you can’t just make my exact words and change them to make it seem like I’m the bad guy here. The staff will obviously find that’s a lie by reading my chat history.
Also, you aren’t making anything “clear to anyone”. You’ve totally changed the story to make me look bad. Maybe you aren’t trying to make me look bad, but from the lies in your post it seems that way. Now, I’m not accusing you or being mean, I’m just saying. Help me out here, don’t make lies about me. That’s what is going to make me get banned forever.

This is silly.

So far I’m seeing Reineii getting a bit annoyed, and slightly trolling with the sarcastic comments, and staff overreacting.
A full chat log would be useful, then this can be discussed properly. Until then, don’t turn this into an argument about who said what unless you have proof.

Getting tired of reading your pitiful comments. You were banned because you push your limits with staff… not just today but on numerous occasions. After you were kicked the first time you should have stopped. After you were banned you came on the dynamap begging people to vouch for you in your appeal. I told you numerous times to stop getting on dynamap or id ip ban you and you still didnt listen. Everything you’ve said in your ban appeal is just “im innocent” “Everyone else is in the wrong” . Not once have you appologized for your actions. Instead youve just tryed to get people to take pitty on you. I understand that youre going through a rough predicament in your life right now and its obviously affecting your game play. I’m going to leave you banned for today and unban you tomorrow so you can have some time to cool down. Take this as a warning though. Come on the server to play and have fun instead of causing drama with everyone. I can honestly say that since youve joined youve done nothing but cause trouble and I just did what every other staff member wanted to.

I edited my original post, but Nam posted before I saved the changes.

Looking over those screenshots Marco posted again, it seems both have you haven’t been entirely accurate about the conversation. Reineii perhaps continued longer than she should have with some remarks that staff may have found annoying, although a ban was somewhat uncalled for. The kick wasn’t necessary, but it was appropriate.

From what I’ve seen so far Reineii should be unbanned, and that be the end of it. On another note, as mentioned things that happen on your account are your responsibility.

Anyone have anything else important to add? A chat log may be useful to see events before and after the start of this incident. i.e. Dynamap “begging” etc.

I can disagree with that, I am giving lots of effort to prove I did nothing wrong. And apologize to whom? I’d never made any nasty comments to anyone. You may think I’m trying to cause trouble, but I’m really not. My father is dead and yes, that effects my gameplay. Thank you for at least making the decision to unban me, thought I don’t really need to cool down. I’m not angry, I’m just sick of being misinterpreted all the time. Also, my comments don’t hold pity. They hold proof.
(I’m not making ANY sarcastic replies or remarks to your decision. I just want to make it clear that I’m not really what you believe I am. I respect you and your decision. Thought I don’t feel it is necessary for me to reply on my behalf, I’ll do it anyways, because it isn’t worth it to be stubborn and hold a grudge.
I’m Sorry.)

My pics are around the full logs. Nothin else important happened to me…