Purchaseable maps.

I’d like to suggest that players could purchase maps of their own by means of using cookies.

How is this gonna work?

When a player builds something, they /review.
OPs+ will review their build, and give them a verdict and cookies in return.
When the player has enough cookies (Like 500), they can purchase their own map by paying it to ops.

Their build can only be reviewed once. They cannot choose who will review them. (Prevents favoritism)

There will be no limitations on the rank, anyone can buy a map.

Advbuilders get 1 free map of their own, if they want more, they have to buy.
Same for ProBuilders, they get 3 free maps of their own, and they can buy more if they want to.

This will finally make a use for cookies, since there’s no use for it atm. Although, if this will be implemented, all cookies must be reset.

Probable cost and map size :
500 cookies - 128x128x128 map
1500 cookies - 256x256x256 map
2000 cookies - Any custom size they want

I actually thought of letting players buy ranks, but Hard says its a bad idea.

Anyway, what do you guys think?

Like it.

Yes from me.

EDIT: Maybe make the price linear for each map?

Nice idea, i was wondering if cookies had a use at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

This will help those good building guests that keep getting griefed!

Nice idea. I think it would really work. All my cookies have been piling up anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: This will give all the players a little more motivation to build well. Good thinking kedji. Keep up the good work :wink:

I can haz a map?
“THIS WAS A PLAY ON: I can haz a cheeseburger?”

One thing this system is going to need, is a standard scale for how many cookies to give out.

Suggested payment based on the quality of the work:

Guest lvl
Initiate lvl
Builder lvl
Adv lvl
Pro lvl

Beyond Pro (a la Fatso’s Church) (God tier work)

The actual payout can vary a little. Something barely adv can get 80 or so. 150 for above adv, but under pro.

we had that for awhile. it was called /ecobuy it cost around 120-230 cookies. you could buy your rank up to, i think, builder. now that cmd is set to admin, thanks fatso or whoever did that. :stuck_out_tongue: i wouldnt mind if it was set to op just so us ops could change our titles at will. (i think thats a bad idea x.x)

but I noticed there aren’t that many senior operators around. or at least not that often. so if this went into affect, i believe, the map cmd would have to lowered to operator. sure once in awhile a group of sop+ come on. but that happens, what, 2 times per 6 weeks?

we either have to lower that cmd or promote the various operators to Senior operators. I would actually like to see the map cmd lowered to op. im actually scared to see some of these various operators promoted to senior op.

thats all folks!


Like i said in game, i like the idea! Good to have some use for that money system. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like all the ideas in this thread. I don’t really have anything to add to it though, just showing my support for them.

its the command or the rank. Personally i would love to be SOP xD. but i know that wont ever happen. but i trust about 2 of the operators now…so if any other ways come up besides the Promotion or lowering the command. im all ears.


I support this.

I browsed in MCForge forums, and I found this.


is it a good thing or bad?

It looks like I can probably implement this. I can take the code and customize it for our use.

Any objections?

Anyone want to look at the code before use?

Lone thing tO keep in mind. CLEAR ALL THE DAMN COOKIES FROM PLAYERS AND GIVE EM TO US OPS. How about instead of cookies we do gold ingot or diamond gem?

Why give it to the OPs? They can just have a map.
And cookies > everything.

1 there is no diamond gem
2 i believe this is for classic
3 therefore no gold ingots
4 i am a god. gods cannot be denied. therefor i cannot be denied.

Sword, he was referring to the cookies. He suggested to rename ‘cookies’ into ‘diamond gems’ or ‘gold ingots’.

I don’t see anyone objecting about this, so lets give it a shot!

i support