Project City Build Gallery

Welcome, one and all, to the First Edition to the Project City Build Photo Gallery.

Have you ever found an amazing creation, or situation, and wanted to share it with everyone? Well, here, you can.

Take screenshots of your favorite buildings, pixel arts, anything really, and tell us all about it.

If we happen to love your photo and description, it will be added to The Gallery.

[size=8pt]How to Take a Screenshot on Minecraft.


To take a screenshot on minecraft, look at what you want to take a picture of and press F2. For optimal results, please also hide your HUD by pressing F1, before taking your picture.

[size=8pt]How to upload an an image.


To post a photo on the forums, first upload the image that you desire from “C:\Users[b]YOUR USERNAME[/b]\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\screenshots” to any photo sharing site that you wish. Ex. Photoshop, Imageshack, Facebook, etc… Then copy the IMG code and paste it with your title and description.

[size=18pt]The Gallery


[details=“Spoiler”]]Survival Spawn. Photo made with SUES Shaders and Ovo - Rustic SUES Texturepack.
[size=8pt]Submitted by Johnlh97[/details]

OceanSide Hut

[details=“Spoiler”] Photo made with SUES Shaders and Ovo - Rustic SUES Texturepack.
[size=8pt]Submitted by ItalianChild[/details]

The Ghettos of PCB

[details=“Spoiler”] Photo made with SUES Shaders and Ovo - Rustic SUES Texturepack.
[size=8pt]Submitted by ItalianChild[/details]

Valhalla - Built by KelzioAuditore for Dragon_Slayer24

The other side is the best side. ;D But i love these!

Owner of this new town is ferrari, I co own. :smiley:

I dare you to eat it

Challenge accepted.
(It’s in creative so…) lol

Several shots of boats made by Fatso, Liam etc.

Shots from Andy and Spec’s town.

Ymb’s Villa

Isn’t there supposed to be a gallery section of the forums?

There is, but I attempted to post pictures to it, and it would fail to upload.

Might more people be interested in this with a little incentive?

Possibly make this into an Art contest of sorts?

The 3 people voted best image might get some sort of object.
Possibly Gold bar named Image Awards 2013.

This would not be judged solely by me, but by all of pcb that views the forums. As I would round up the best picture from each “artist” and post them all on the Competitions page.

i would do it, but my computer can’t handle the Shader… =/ i was going to take pics of my Hyrule Castle and Old Treetop, but computer freezes up as soon as the Splash pages goes away.

Could you possibly help me out John?

Without shaders, what FPS do you run on the highest settings?


My computer is super old, and not custom. it would have a seizure if i did some of the things you kids do on your fancy computers XD

Well, Thats why.

It is recommended to at least get 50 fps on vanilla minecraft’s highest settings if you are going to add shaders.
Shaders reduce your FPS by 20-30 fps, depending on your settings.

Normally, I get 60+, I now get 25-35.

I get like 60fps. I get like 9-10fps with shaders… anybody know how I could get like… an extra 5fps?

You use Optifine, si?

Si senor