Pokemon Reborn General

And thought that everyone would enjoy this. its a Pokemon game for grown ups. built seemingly from the ground up, Its a post-apocalyptic pokemon game. ill leave the link here so you can find out how to download it and play it. ive been playing it the last half hour and i have to say im impressed how story oriented it is


Checking this out now. Seems like it could be interesting, but long. I am actually glad to hear many pokemon populations have been decimated. Reason? I can walk in tall grass for more than 10 steps without being bothered!

I’m trying it with the add on for animated sprites. Huge file to DL, but should make the game look better/more active.

Been playing for an hour or so. Mostly grinding in a fishing hole… Maybe I made a bad early game choice, but that rain was killing me! I choose Charmander after a LOT of study on the 15 or so starters they offered. Charizard gets the best rating in every stat and kicks but overall. I plan long term. Anyway, the first city has not stopped raining and it means my fire attacks are half damage. New pokemon were hard to find and one was too much for me to take.

I never had to deal with “natures” “traits” before so I had a lot of reading to do on it. Personalities are a pain and so is EV points (if I got that right). Its the exp you get based on what you kill. Extra attack, speed etc based on what you fight. None of that existed in Gen 1.

If I could play this portable, I think I would do more. So far I have a Shiney Goldeen lvl 9, a Finneon lvl 10 who is SLOW to gain levels, a Whismur, a Trubbish, and a bug type that was handed to me. It seems lame with only bide as its attack.

i have obtained all those pokemon (except the shiny you lucky bastard!) I started with Charmander just cause its my overall fave, but ive only trained my Meowth (who is kick ass because of his Technician ability) and my now Charmeleon… both are near level 21 after the first gym, which is scary cause the first gym will only allow them to behave till level 25 Q.Q but i can’t find any pokemon i want to train! all the ones i want (Poochyena, Nidoran M, Aron) are all in different areas! BTW Kyle, after level 16, when Charmander Evolves, he learns Dragon Rage, so no worries on the Ember problems! =D

EDIT: Kyle be sure to save a lot! i asked Meowth to use Fake out earlier last night, and my game crashed and i had to fight the Gym leader again (who, btw is Electric! be careful with the water pokes!)

double posting as a tip for anyone playing. if you get a Bidoof, and raise it to level 15 so i evolves, you can trade it for an Abra, which will be at level 15 as well, grow it up to level 16 and you will get a Kadabra, which as many people know is a very usefule Psychic type pokemon


Yes, there are Digletts Brodur. :stuck_out_tongue:

Psychic is probably my favorite type. In my old Pokemon card game on gameboy, I used an entirely Zapdos based deck.

I have a tendency to try to lvl my stuff equally which would ruin the game for me. Well, to an extent. I also try to have male and female copies of Pokemon when possible.

ps. I hacked my money so I can buy whatever. I grind enough in the game as it is.

AH was that an old Zap deck? that was based entirely around Zapdos and Mewtwo? those were tough deck strategies to beat! i ended up beating that game with a good ole’ Haymaker deck based on Electabuzz and Hitmonchan. Had all the speed in the world, just not enough fire power like Mewtwo and Zapdos have!

And you hacked you money on PokemonReborn? how the heck did you do that? o.O

ANYHOO. Here is an update on my game: after my game freaked out, and i started over at the gym, i went out and trained a bidoof to a Bibarel, and traded it for an Abra and got my Hoot Hoot out for a flying type. Hoothoot learns Uproar, which has a base attack of 90 (close to Thrash) Also caught two shinies (a Hoppip and a Pidove)

So now my team is Charmeleon (level 21) Meowth (level 22) Kadabra (level 20) Noctowl (level 20) and im thinking about adding a fighting type either Mankey or Makuhita… though i dont think i will as im not likeing either one…

Oh, you don’t use Cheat Engine? I use it in most any game I feel like. If you wanted to, you could modify a pokemon’s current exp to just before level up or set it back so they don’t.

Cheat Engine works by searching for values in a game. For instance, for money, they used a simple formula to “randomize” the value. If you have 1000 money, search for 2001. It is 2x+1 as their formula. It is likely the same for any value.

Since money is a big pain to make, cheating it is just a way to skip grinding to me. I don’t mind grinding if it takes less than 20 min or so to level up once, but I can’t grind forever ya know?

WOW ill have to look that up. BTW kyle, if that is the case, there is a man in the first pokemon center (where you get your starter) offering a rare dragon type for 40k. maybe you should go buy that.

Quick update. FINALLY got my second badge. that gym leader is an ASS to fight. my Charmeleon ended up at level 26 and wouldn’t listen to me, as did my Noctowl, and Kadabra… so i had to rely on my now evolved Shiny Tranquil, and a level 20 Makuhita to defeat them, along with my trusty Meowth.

Get me a shiney Digglett, and you will be rewarded.

… Brodur this is a single player game go du et yourself XD

I’m sure he was kidding. Sending us on a quest for it is kinda funny. We could always claim we did just to make him happy. Shoot, now he knows!

I have not touched it after my first session, but I do want to. I’m kind of sad it is just the three of us posting in here about it.

Also, I can’t really see the ground at all when it is raining. At least the city tiles. Is it supposed to be so hard to see? I can see the buildings and people so I managed to wander around, but I swear that has to be a bug.

I might try it, just don’t fancy it at the moment! As with most little games like this that I see…

I know Sacred just started playing last night so im sure he will start posting soon. Had something strange happen in the story line last night
Also, it has yet to rain in my game, not sure why but it hasn’t.
Warning! semi-plot spoiler!


I beat the 3rd Gym leader, and then his daughter decided to leave him. Learned more about that leader, he then released ALL his poison type pokemon, and jumped about 150 feet off a bridge and killed himself O.O and i didn’t even get my Gym badge.[details=“Spoiler”]

I don’t play pokemon, I just bug sacred about getting me a shiny Diglett… he never does. If I had one, I would play. :smiley:

That’s because there is a 1/8192 chance of getting a shiny pokemon, let alone trying to find a certain pokemon that is a shiny, thus making the chances of finding a shiny diglett even harder to find >_>

Except apparently in this game the shiny rate is upped.

The difficulty too, as I found out the hard way.

Oh? What happened to you? I know I was using potions far more than the real games. Antidotes too! Who’s idea was it to have so many poison pokemon in the first city???

haha. yeah the difficulty is definatly aimed more towards a competitive pokemon trainer such as myself!

But yeah this game is set up so that you have to pretty much have your pokemon maxed out in levels to fight the next leader. The Second gym would be my first example of that, as the leaders Cradily is level 25 ( the max level your pokemon can be.)

There are also… gangs…

and you can join a gang XD i found this last night, its a side quest. There is a Team Aqua, and a Team Magma (kinda like Pokemon Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire) so if you join Team Aqua, you will be asked to join at the Team Magma base at nightfall for a raid (and obviously vice versa) So after you defeat the opposing Team Leader, you will obtain a Carvahna (a Dark/Water type pokemon) if you joined team Aqua. If you joined Team Magma, you will obtain a Houndour (a Dark Fire Type Pokemon)

Just so your aware. the Leaders pokemon are level 45 (a Sharpedo if you fight Aqua, and a Houdoom if you fight Magma) I got REDICULOUSLY lucky and my Noctowl defeated the Houndoom… somehow…