Hello Minecrafters,
I am legotrooper123 and i am making this organization called PCBetter.
PCBetter will be a non-profit organization where we build homes for the homeless, greet new players, show them around etc. I will put more info in this topic soon.

If you would like to join, please contact me.

P.S. I thought of the idea in second period today so don’t judge.

I think this is a great idea lego! Im sure it will help retain guests and convince them to sign up. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Sure, I think this is a great idea, I’ll help :slight_smile:

I would love to help out with this! I really want to help new comers to PCB.

I would love to help! This sounds like a cool idea :slight_smile:

I’ll help. I remember the frustration when I joined and didn’t have a clue what happens.

1 i made a logo
2 we could do something about cyber-bullying, like a staff member when there are no staff members. No bans or anything, but like trying to end it before reporting, or it escalates.

I like to logo! If there is anything that I can do right now to help it just send me a pm! I would love to help =D

The logo looks nice, but I have a better suggestion:



My opinion is that we should try as hard as possible not to look like a separate organisation to PCB itself.

I think we should make a little town with examples of some different types of city’s in CMP like have a couple government buildings I guess ( Fire,Police Station. Hospital ect. ) and have a ton of plots and ask city owners do build something that would define the general gist/ style of their city some examples of different styles of city’s could help guests find city’s they can more connect to and would motivate them to get on and play. :slight_smile:

This sounds great! I will make this sometime in the near future.

This seems like a great idea!

I always help out new people, we like to keep a community, so stranding newcomers is never a good idea.

I believe that PCBetter will be able to help.

Yes, and im not trying too, but sometimes staff isnt online.

You know, now that I think about it we don’t have a Guest Town in this map like we did in the last map. This idea really makes up for it and is a great idea guys, can’t wait to see some happy guests :smiley:

Thanks :wink:

I added the logo to the post properly, but it seems to be quite low quality. If you want, I can make another higher-resolution one?

Feeling bored, did it anyways.

And there’s a version with a white background as well

[s]Yes i can make it a higher resolution. ill do it soon!

Fixed it. Its a little big though…

Ill make it smaller later[/s]

Actually, i like yours better…

I’ll help in PCBetter Lego. It’s a great idea that will help newcomers of PCB. And, the logo looks great. My question is if there will be more than one town with unoccupied lots? And, will it be near spawn?

Awesome idea, lego! If I could, I’d love to join in and help make this become a legitimate agency! Maybe an HQ in Big City, just for affect? Either way, I love the idea :slight_smile: