PCB terraria server

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now, would it be nice/fun/useful/horrible to have an official PCB Terraria server? Any opinions?

I think it would be very cool. Gives me something to do when my video card driver crashes due to OpenGL.

Would be an interesting way to expand PCB.

I worry that if we did that, more players would gravitate to Terraria than to Minecraft. Then we would be primarily a Ter site, not a MC one. We also don’t need to split up or players more than what we have. When we lost our creative server for a while, survival had a lot more visitors.

Kyle, I see your point, but I play Terraria with people just as much as I do Minecraft and TF2. I would love to play these games with people I know, it just makes it that much more fun. I don’t think there is a risk of PCB becoming a Terraria gaming group, it’s always going to stay at the root - Minecraft.

Me too, like I said terraira is a backup game if my OpenGL from Minecraft crashes due to nvidias poor drivers.
I enjoy terraria a lot, but I agree with goof, I think most people will stick to minecraft. Possibly run the Terraria server like classic is ran now. Kind of as a side project.

but sometimes minecraft says: Try Terraria!

That’s a good point Kyle, though I doubt that the site would primarily be a terraria one, or that people would primarily be visiting the terraria server. It’s possible, but not certain.
And hey, on the other hand, we might get terraria players to MC as well. Balance?

DARN YOU DELTA!!! You beat me to it… =)

I play both, but i’ve only logged 75 mins on terraria.

I tried Terraria but I couldn’t for the life of me get into it very much. If you or someone else wants to set up a Terraria server, I have no problem with that.

Fatso runs one already does he not?

Well, yes, but he hasn’t been online for quite some time now (holidays >:U), which means that the server isn’t active either.

I looked in to terraria and could not see anything to like about it. I still think that it would be a great addition to this community. It will always be a mine craft community though.

Fatso has had a server up for a couple of people to mess around on, but it doesn’t always run smoothly xD I really like terraria, I have just got back into it after not playing it for ages, nearly time to take on the wall of flesh >:D BWAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAH

Yup Yup and Yup =], The thing is that terraria servers don’t really have much controll over greifers and such apart from banning, if there was a public PCB terr server then it will just explode and look awefull, small more private ones are allright as long as you can find someone to host them (I ‘can’ with lag issues and time issues)

Best solution is just to get someone you know to run a temp server for you when you want to play, and if possible tell other people on PCB who also want to play the ip etc.

i want the ip if theres a terraria server

Well, true dat. Terraria is lacking in terms of grief control. It’s easy to invedit a character to have more than max mana, and to give it OP tools, and then go on a killspree. If that is not possible, spamming high-grade items around on the floor will work too.

So yeah. Small server, non-official, just to have one hell of a time. I wish someone could do one. Fatso makes good servers, but often is offline due to his job, not to mention that he doesn’t do steam all that much. I don’t think I could do it myself, simply because I don’t have the comp for it.

so will there be a server or not?

Great ideas and points brought up, Main concern is grief control i myself have hosted for 3-4 friends and used Tshock but even that doesn’t have many plugins to help around, and tbh Ter isn’t for mass of people server and land just gets too full, so this might be a crappy idea but we could get a list of people willing to play the server and some body’s hosts a private server just for PCB own entertainment? Until there is better grief control, so anyone not on the list or not a trusted memeber cant join… if anyones catching my drift here.

Ie run via hamachi .

I have a fairly decent world with 3 npcs … but i cant really get into the game if i have to be honest. i’ve tried an tried just doesn’t reek as much fun as MC

I could make a server tomorrow. I have 14ms ping and 16 GB’s of ram…