PCB Subways Franchise [Currently building InterCity Line]

Hi Everybody! A few months ago, I started a project in (Creative2) called the PCB Subway. After much planning and building, I have decided to open up the Subway for anybody to ride in!

The PCB Subway Links small towns and big cities together including Raymont, Acra City and Verona!

Below shows a Network Map of the PCB Subway and it’s development. This map will be updated regularly.

Red Shade - Proposed Stations
Grey Shade - Under Construction
White Shade - Completed and in service

Here is a current map:

I would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who helped out with construction of the PCB Subway whether it was digging tunnels, making shops or decorating corridors and platforms!

Here are some of the team with me posing in the tunnel XD

I will update this post so you can keep a track on the progress of the PCB Subway! Also feel free to visit the PCB Information/Ticket Center located in Ashwick Mall.

Thank you!
Founder/Owner of PCB Subway!


  • Raymont-Acra City Tunnel Complete (Main Focus on Acra City Station)

Glad to have helped! :slight_smile: Also is there some way to decrease the image size?

sorry josh i cant make em smaller but you can click on the pictures to see them fully :smiley:

click on the pictures to see them fully
Yeah thats what i did :).

[size=18pt]Back in the tunnels, building the first of three mega tunnels going to a mega 6 platform station! Going to destinations such as Empire (will add into the network map soon), Stampy and Wilmington.

What are u doing AFK Josh XD, also with Hairen on drugs and Angel ALWAYS HERE! Great job guys :wink:

[size=24px]Here’s an update to the PCB Subway Network Map:[size=24px]Changelog:- Extension line from Acra City to Empire- West Raymont Station interchange is known as Raymont Downtown (Thanks for reminding me AngelSenitnel)- Whiteston station name changed to Whiteston Village as it is mainly known as that- Acra City extension line to Wilmington will now terminate at Mountain Ville (Wilmington will remain a normal stop)

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Eventually we gonna get every town and city attached to this railway? This mean we may not need warps.

Incidentally, have you considered adding my town wildefay? It’s fairly close to volterra and some other largish towns.

This railroad is in Creative, so no, we probably won’t hit Wildefay ;D And no matter how cool a railroad may ever be, warps will always be faster, but there’s no reason why we can’t have both.

lol it would take forever to build a PCB Subway in survival

I’m already working on it…

So far I’ve connected Fawkirk to Mallowgate, Javi’s town to Bendura, and Terragon to Kuribo (via Alton) Might make a map when I’ve made a more contiguous system…

Arbor has a system to Snowberry, you could link into that if you wanted. It’s quite far north though.

Hasnt anyone learnt from pcb railway 2011??? Railways are ugly as fuck

Alton will become an offical station soon. Just need to work out where abouts to put the station and what it will look like.

Haha… could that one even be considered a railway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ish :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

It had… tracks? Is that what we called them back then? Yes, tracks.

Is it me, or is the text size too damn big

I don’t think the one in Bendura is bad it doesn’t stand out too much and he built it away from the main part of the city. I actually like it

Its to big. But i asked agx in game and he said he had no control over it, same with the image size…

Hey i forgot the ip for the server please let me know what it is josh :stuck_out_tongue: