PCB is Dying

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Yes I know I’m being very blunt with it all, but we have to face it. PCB is, well, dying. I am writing this on behalf of myself, ItalianChild, and Mythbeast but I think we’ve all noticed the change in PCB over the past couple months.

We have great ideas, but don’t have the manpower or motivation to carry them through all the way. Events for example, we stared that as a way to get people to do stuff on the server. However, the last time we did an event was early February at the latest. And when we do have events, very few people show up. The only exception to that was the first event we did, Big City Build. I guess when talking about ideas I should also talk about the multiple cities we start but never finish. And yes, I am talking about BigCity, CorraVista, Mythcity, and plenty of others. Not to mention all of the other random projects that we start but never finish. This is partly because of lack of people, and people not working with one another.

Even the people that do come on and do work with each other, are dissapearing faster than we can replace them. Filipenis was a great member on our server. He was the BEST builder and worked the BEST with people, even (and I dare say) better than _Andy does. He left because he got tired of the community promising help but receiving none and the total lack of togetherness on our server. I remember in 1.9 when we all worked together to build the vanilla server from the ground up. This was one of our shining moments, people actually working together to build a city. This time however has long vanished, and even if we did have all of those people working on something in today’s server we wouldn’t have enough. There’s more people leaving PCB than there are people coming in. The admins said that we (we as in they) were going to start advertising on January 1st this year. We as OPs wish we could help in some way, however we feel quite neglected.

Our power is quite limited on the server, even as OPs. Almost everything we do has to be run through by a SOP or an Admin. We also have a lack of permissions (Inlcuding things like W.E., vanish, server restart, ect.) that would be useful to us and to others on the server because as of now, we have to wait for SOPs and Admins that are never on to show up and do it for us. However, the problem doesn’t all lie within the admins. Most of the OPs quite apathetic towards their jobs. Me and Ital are two of those OPs and there are probably others that would be glad to admit it.

We understand how hard it is to run a server, myth has first-hand experience with that, me and Ital can see it first hand here. However, even for managing a server, and we hate to say this, our server management is very poor. Our admins are never there when we need them, especially our leader Andy. This is a point in PCB’s life when we need a leader to guide us in the right direction to keep us from dying. We’ve already lost classic, and even tough it’s not as popular, we still lost it. And we really don’t want to loose this server entirely. We love it here. There’s no other server like it here on Minecraft. And we need to keep it around for all to see and enjoy. However at the rate things are going, we don’t think we’ll last past August. However, there are things that we can try to do in a last-ditch effort to try and keep PCB alive.

For those of you who found this TL;DR here is a short version of what we need to do as a community to keep us alive and prosperous. First we need to be a community. We need to stick to the things we plan, and help others with what they have already planned. Weather that be a long project, event, or a random big build we all need to stick together. Togetherness is the first part in reviving any community. Second, we as OPs need some more power to make decisions. Even if its a decision such as putting an ad for PCB up on a Minecraft forum, or making a video about PCB and putting it up on the web. Even simple things like this would give us OPs something to do, and would make at least some of us less apathetic towards our duties here on PCB. What you Admins need to do is trust in us OPs. Third, we need to advertize. Plain and simple as that. Fourth, we need great leader. A leader who can get us through these hard times such as _Andy, only around more.

Guys, we have plenty of issues here in the community. However, we believe that if we can do these things, we won’t die off. In fact, I believe that PCB could become a wonderful and prosperous server. The main thing we must do is work together, which isn’t too much to ask. Thank you for reading this lengthy message, from JetBirdie, ItalianChild, Mythbeast, and all other concerned members of PCB.

I can’t really say much without consulting the other SOPs/Admins but if you want worldedit, ask for it. We don’t give it to all OPs because honestly, there are some members we simply don’t trust with it or who we know would abuse it (On survival). But look at goof, he asked for worldedit permissions and he got them. Before 1.8 a few OPs and I asked for it and got it.

With vanish, nobody has it. The plugin is either broken or not installed. Once again with server restarts, that would get abused. We don’t want it falling into the wrong hands. I can only think of 3, possibly 4 people who I would trust with that power. Not that I don’t trust you guys, it’s just that some people do weird shit when they’re angry, and giving a crazed and angry OP the power to restart or stop the server is frankly stupid.

As for advertising, I have no idea what went wrong there. It’s partly because _andy hasn’t got much time, but still he could have told us what to put and where to put it (Not minecraft forums or planet minecraft. EVER.) But I can’t put all the blame on _andy, none of us have actually asked where and what to advertise.

I completely agree with you with the community thing. We used to have such great ideas and actually finish them. So I’m going to start taking personal responsibility for the construction of BigCity. I will be organising events and generally getting people to build/finish builds.


OPs ask for worldedit if you want it.
Vanish plugin is broken/not installed.
I don’t trust most OPs with server restart.
Advertising went tits up.
I’m taking responsibility for BigCity. Organising events, getting people building ect.

I hate to say it, but it’s true… I miss the old PCB, the PCB were no matter what, we wanted to come on right away and play. But sadly it is coming to an end… And what sucks the most out of this is that if this server really does end up dying, i would have no where else to go.

What I really want to know is what happened to us? I remember in classic (2010) we had a steady flow of members on the server, like 100 new member a week and now we barley even have a steady 10 players on a day. Just look at our ban list! We have more ban than members! I dont think thats good to have…

I really hope we can do something about this, because honestly, if theirs no PCB, i’d probably stop playing minecraft since PCB is the complete only server I play on.

Well… It’s because minecraft became less addictive. And another thing : We never do anything any more.
I know this isn’t the place but : With the new Zombie AI we could play more zombie run? :smiley:
Just sayin’.

First of all if anyone did a tl;dr, I will personally kick you in the face.

I know andy has been very busy recently, and still is. Real life things such as work come before PCB, I think everyone can agree on that.


  1. Vanish - Will be fixed on update
  2. WorldEdit - Will discuss with other SOp’s and admins, and maybe some people will get it if they ask.
  3. Restarts - As with WorldEdit.
  4. Community - This is more difficult. We WILL be advertising at some point, soon hopefully, but one thing for certain is we need the servers updated to 1.2, and to be stable (make sure all plugins work, all builds are copied over, module etc). We should discuss places to advertise (not minecraft forums), places where the community isn’t full of complete tools.
  5. Advertising - See above.
  6. Events - I enjoy organising events, and have loads of ideas. BUT when they do get arranged, people say they will turn up at the set time, and then you go on the server and there are 3 people on. -.- It takes cooperation from others as well as those organising it. I will continue with factions but am growing tired of everyone being enthusiastic, but then it disappearing within a week. Maybe we should have a thread to post event ideas?
  7. Builds - I will be making a few towns in 1.2 maybe.

Ymb, I am the same as you, if PCB dies, for me minecraft dies.

Well, i can never make it to server events because… No clue. I forget and then theres no timer on the home page like there should be counting down to it :frowning:

I spoke with Andy and he agrees about advertising. I suggest we do it right after he gets 1.2.3 up and running. Advertising can be lead by SOPS for now. We do need a warning before ANY advertising is put up. Let us know what you plan to post!

Just to let you all know, Andy did update the server to 1.2.3, and ALL of the plugins crashed. This means Andy will need to find and update them all from the new releases. He says he is willing to have the aid of someone else to do the installations.

This requires some skill in Linux and Minecraft server experience. Anyone up for it?

I may be a fairly new member compared to most people here, but I agree with most of what is said here. It’s very sad to see PCB dying like this, the game is so much more fun when there’s a good number of people on.

Even though I admittedly haven’t been on another public server before, PCB has been extremely fun and I would hate for it to go, if it did then I simply wouldn’t be playing Minecraft as much. Yes, I’ve been off the survival server for about two months now waiting for the server to update, but in that time it was much harder to have fun with the game.

I know I’m merely a member, but if there’s any way I can pitch in, I’d be happy to help. And I should be coming frequently on the survival server again soon to, I’m willing to support with whatever I can.

Ah, I just noticed that creative is down. I already know the cause. The server update I mentioned earlier? Well, it is updated, but the plugins are making it crash. I will try turning off some and seeing if it can start… Doubtful as it is now up to updating the plugins to fix this.

I don’t have time to really make a lengthy post as I would like to, but I am in the process of updating my own plugin, since it appears Bukkit has broke it in a way that past revisions had not. Later today I will explain more, and have the plugin ready.

Also one other thing before I forget, I think we need to bring old spawn from 1.7.3 back, I think a lot of us really liked that spawn and it showed that we are laid-back but serious at the same time, which although may seem contradicting, but that’s fine.

More to say later… With plugin updated properly hopefully

For me personally i feel as if the updates are killing pcb, back in old classic there were no updates, no downtime and no lost work, just constant progress.

The updates bring a feeling of dismay as they happen quite often, causing people to not play as the servers cant update along with the minecraft updates as fast, it takes time for plugins and such to update too. All the downtime, server updates and other delays stops building progress.

We need the big city project, i haven’t really seen or heard of anything about it for quite some time.

As for the op powers, we may be more limited in commands then we have ever been, but we still have the basic undo’s, bans, kicks and kills. If a problem arises that we cant tackle with these commands then well, thats when we have to post it on the forums, the likes of admins and sops will see it and act upon it.

I may be able to help a bit with the installing of the new plugins, but i am still kinda new with my server and don’t totally understand everything there is. This will be my first update on my server sooooooo. Also, when you update your server don’t you already have to search your plugins down and manually install them?

On another note. Me, jet, and italian where talkin about ways we could advertise. We came up with the idea that if we where to make a promo video and put it on any and all of our youtube accounts, then that would be a good noticeable advertisement. We could make a semi movie advertising the server. The topic of what the promo vid could be about is definitely up for discusion.

On note of the posible death of PCB. If this server dies then i would be very lost. However as i have said before, i am attempting to run my own server, thanks to the help of ChevalierSaito. So when I update my server and feel more confident, I would love to help andy with reinstalling the plugins. However i would understand if yall don’t trust me with the server control pannel.

Good question. With hindsight. Some people have changed since they were first promoted. We could demote people but that wouldn’t go down well…

I completely agree with every post. I think the main reason we are deserting PCB is the fact the Minecraft is getting boring like vaio said. PCB is an awesome place to hang out, but the actual game of Minecraft is losing its appeal to many, including myself. I have run a server for Minecraft before as well and I know essentials etc. WE NEED MORE EVENTS! And they should have a large window to play/work so that many of us can do them. Thank you to all who work so hard to make this server awesome. Just for me, Minecraft is losing its appeal and Mojang desperately needs to add something major or risk losing at least 1/2 of its player force.

We should follow on the belief that if they have earned it, then they earned it, if they don’t deserve it, then they lose it. Maybe Its harsh but we should only have ops who can handle themselves well.

If they lose that ability to handle themselves, then they should lose the rank too.

Discussions will be had.

But only after the server and stuff is working.

I just went to do some looking up on some of my plugins, most of them don’t seem to be updated yet. And a few of the plugins i have are the same as the ones that PCB has. So I think im kinda getting lost in the fact of how this updating works when the side plugins aren’t totally updated.

^^Agree. The rank is earned, but then you must keep with the values that are asked of you. If you don’t then bye bye. Demoted.

Ahem ggg :stuck_out_tongue: ahem. But it is true. We seem to “talk the talk” but we don’t “walk the walk”. This is something to work on for sure.

Also. WE NEED A NEW SPAWN CITY IN CREATIVE. Granted Hard, the idea was good, however I feel it is more appropriate to use Big City and then we can continue to add to it. Another server project?

I have quite a bit of Linux experience, and I know Hard does as well. I have started to debug and update my own Plugin and will soon be providing full source files for it, for anyone to help. I think many plugins won’t be updated for a while, since Bukkit changed a lot of things, which broke a lot as well. I bet we can find some workarounds though.

I think advertising is EXTREMELY important. Though right now we need to focus on the servers and getting those up to speed. Also another thing to consider after advertising is different donation permissions, etc, could help bring in a bit more money.