Our Biggest Big Build Yet

Yes you heard right, it’s time for the biggest Big Build we ever built for BigCity.

The theme is, once again, a building you will find in a modern city;
But. With a twist.

Instead of just 1 building, your task is to build an entire city block. You can fill it with whatever you want, as long as it fits the theme.

This includes:
Skyscrapers (obviously)
Smaller city buildings (obviously)

As long as it fits inside the lot size, you can include it.

Now this isn’t a small task. As I said, this is our biggest Big Build yet.
The lot size is 230x230, so you have a lot of room to play with.
Make sure that your entries are built on completely flat land.
Because of the size of the lots and the limitations of land in BigCity itself, the entries must be built in the creative map.
Also please use the whole of your lot. Build right up to the edge. Don’t worry about footpaths or exterior roads, this area is measured on the inside of these.

The contest will be open until Saturday 17th of August, so you have plenty of time to build.
(If the update comes during the time-frame then the contest time will be reset)

Entries must be submitted in this thread with coordinates to the build.
If we don’t have enough entries by the end of the timeframe, it will be extended, so don’t give up if you’re only half way done with only a week to go. Chances are lots of others are in the same situation.

Now for the interesting bit.

Once again, there will be a selection of games up for grabs.

Confirmed prizes are:
Rome: Total War + Barbarian Invasion expansion pack
Super Hexagon
Super Meat Boy (Non-Steam)
Age of Empires II HD (x3)
Orcs Must Die 2
Europa Universalis III + Heir To The Throne expansion + Divine Wind expansion
11 bit studios Bundle (Download page, 1 Steam key included)
Shank 2
Left 4 Dead 2

More to come soon…

Thanks to _specialk and Hard24get for donating some of the prizes.

All prizes are redeemable on Steam unless stated otherwise.

There will also be prizes of in-game cash and spawner eggs. Amounts to be confirmed. On top of this, all lots deemed high enough standard will be pasted into BigCity itself. I (Ouhai Ruby) will be judging the entries personally and I may enlist the help of one or two staff who do not wish to enter. Good luck and happy building!

Damn I hope I get a laptop chargee for this event I can see a soccer stadium coming on

awww it ends on my birthday xD

I will add 3 copies of Age of Empires II HD and Orcs Must Die 2 to the prize pool. And possible more games I have lying in my steam inventory.

To get an idea of the scale you should build at look at the BigCity map (the new version of the city). Andy has built on one block which is exactly 230x230.

Just to clarify the area spec is referring to:

Everything inside the large roads is your area to work with.

Those prizes are sweet… I hope we get a lot of competition on this one. Don’t forget that several of our more active players are out of town right now. They should be back with enough time to enter though.

Good luck everyone!

Should we allow teams? That block has taken andy ages to build.

Jegus christ that is a loada space. I want to take part in srs blds for once, so count me in. The only problem is exams though. Dammit!


If we did teams I’d be a lot more willing to join in. I’m not too bothered about any of the game prizes so far really, so that wouldn’t matter for me. Now, to ask the hated question amongst contest organisers: What about world edit? That would help but not everyone has it obviously so I understand if it isn’t allowed. On the other hand, it can only really be used for speeding processes up, not improving quality.

Yeah we should do teams. Maximum of 3? 4?

Depends how many people enter. We don’t want there to be one or 2 big teams only. Start with 3, it can perhaps be extended if people want it to, and there are enough people.

Who wants to join my team? Team Design! =P

Going to be a pain for anyone without World Edit to clear this much space just to begin.

I’ll attempt it in any case and see if I can find some friends to help out. :slight_smile:

maybe ruby can help with clearing out space for it

Yes. Please find a flattish bit of land to start with (Yomi) so it’s easier on me and the server.

Moved the topic to the announcement board for more exposure. Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

I’d like to join your team Yomi, I don’t know if you already know, but I am super great with doing interiors for stuff and … well helping in general haha, let me know if I can join your team :slight_smile:

Aw hell yes! This is going to be a crap ton of fun! But what should be started with… Hmm… Anyways I’m in. :stuck_out_tongue:

I could fit a sports stadium in that plot :slight_smile:

I could team up also with cher and yomi