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Might have to clear all of FTB’s data. That’s all I know.

Sip the biggest question i have i what can i do about lag on the FTB server? i have more lagg with FTB than i did with Tekkit, averageing around 13 FPS on the overworld, around 8fps in the Twilight Forest, and i dont even wanna know what im averageing in the Nether. Ive heard that Optifine wont work… and i know that during a lag spike i drop to 1 fps on the overworld…

Like i said, im excited to play on FTB, but the lagg is killing me…

Shouldn’t be server side. I get 80fps approx, so I can’t give much help since the server runs at a healthy 20TPS

That would be because FTB does not have Optifine installed into it. You have to manually install it. In all honesty it is very simple to do.

  1. Download Optifine 1.4.6 Standard or Ultra (I recommend Standard) from here:
    Also! Do NOT install the light version as that will make the textures wonky.

  2. Open FTB launcher and click edit Modpack.

  3. Go to JarsMods and click Add and add in Optifine.

  4. Run FTB and enjoy no lag! (Hopefully) :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried turning it on and off again?

yeah i have, and honestly, i heard that optifine wont work cause of Forge… is taht true?

Not true. Just install forge first :stuck_out_tongue:

Shadow I have it installed just look at the steps I said and it should work >.>

Huh, I could have sworn they don;t work together… Ignore me then shad :3

Allllrriiiiigggghhhttt! I’ll try that today when thunderstorm day number 47 starts up, and I have nothing to do =) spanks everyone

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I’ve been playing for 8 or so hours now and have not had much lag at all. In fact, FTB runs better than normal MC on full screen. MC has always been funny for some people. I used to have massive lag near flowing water.

In response to shad and ouhai I too have installed optifine and it works amazing!

Sorry for kind of necroing but I was wondering if anyone knows how to allocate more memory for ftb?

Also sorry for double post but I need to bump so people see.

Easy semi, once you fire up the launcher (and before you start the game) have a look at the tab at the top that says options, clicking on that tab will bring up the options of the launcher like the install folder, language, and the ram given to it on start up :smiley:

Thanks fat!! Huge help! No more random lag while I was just at 100 fps:)

For some reason, when i try to join Feed the beast, it wont let me on. And on the website, it says the FTB Server is online. Help?

Edit: 69th post!!! xD

Are you playing on Feed The Beast Unleashed?

FTB Ultimate

I believe that I read somewhere that the server had updated to Unleashed, though I am unsure about this.