No Ops Guest griefed Guest full Need ops Need Ops

Okay…there has not been a single op on for a whole week now. I feel like everyone is forgetting about the classic server. Also guestcity is majorly griefed and CHALK FULL so it desperately needs a reset. People also really need ops online so they can get reviewed and such. Also somebody cleared some of my houses I made in heaven. They also got rid of my words that say HEAVEN in big gold letters… the only things that were left are my palace x24’s palace that was stolen from me, and the spawn I made. I neeeeed an op!!!

ill get on after i work…(est 30-40 min)

oh and i could not find any evidence on the supposed grief. if you are not adv again…ill give it back

Ive been pretty busy lately, so i apologize my inactivity. But we really need more ops+ coming to classic more often. Like animanga said that this week only staff that has been online have been me and sword. Theres few advbuilders that has been waiting for ages to sop+ to review them. And since im only normal op, im not able to help them very much (like giving vote for probuilder or creating a new map for them). And it isnt very fun to play when im the only op around. :frowning:

(sigh) i know what ur talking about. Classic is almost dead ;(.
I also want to know who got rid of ur buildings in heaven. That was my map and i want to know that you still have ur buildings.

just a note. recently we have been getting lots of problems.

ill try to get on more often…hardly works in my busy life. Plus i cannot do much now, i normally get an error and then get kicked after every uban…

Thanks guys for agreeing with me on this. :wink: And also thanks for the votes aww and sword! Just need a couple more! XD

Just updating this, but Hard and I both reviewed ani’s map. We both approved him for Pro and put our votes in. He had enough votes in his shrine so he is now pro. Congrats!

I particularly liked the warps and jump puzzles he put in. There is a wall with doors that leads to different parts of his map. Each is a unique puzzle. Some even use invisible switches so the floor drops from under you.

WHoa sounds like a cool map. And congratulations anim! :smiley: Im sure you deserved the awesomeness that comes with being a probuilder! (especially considering Hard voted yes… :P)

Garda been in a good mood lately

Congrrrrracias ani


garda= hard has

I have been gone from both servers due to long school days and a re-ignited longing for BF3 xD I will try to visit more.

glad to see you back zak. XD Havent seen ya in a while.

Attention: classic is full griefed again its terrible please do something i cant ban offline players!

err this topic is pretty old… but i guess someone will come on and help you. My current comp cant handle minecraft period and im not staff so… yeah.

I know but i was to lazy to start a new one =p

lol I can understand that a bit. I guess it would be pretty bad if a new topic was started for every grief problem… by the way has anyone gotten on yet?


what do u mean idk? arent u on?