Minecraft Username: Nix_The_Protogen

Date of Ban: 17-04-2020

Banned by: AuhsojNala

Reason for Ban: “Griefing the terrain under/around AuhsojNala’s build on April 15th. Appeal on the forums.” In reality, I was only expanding the river.

Reason to be Unbanned: Two Things: Firstly. Joshua can not claim the river as it was not part of his build, and land claims are not allowed. I never touched his build itself in any way. Secondly, Bread, aka breadhead12 I believe, said that I could expand the river because it could give a waterway access to the castle. Bread’s town and Joshua’s castle are right next to each other, and my town is across the bay. I did not grief.

Previous appeals: No, I have never been banned before.

Nix, this is not some arbitrary land claim – the river is literally blocks away from my tower/wall layout at the best of times, under bridges at the worst. We’ve had a “at least 200 blocks away” server build rule for quite a while now, excluding when folks agree between themselves to build near one another (as with Bread and I). Had you asked permission to edit the terrain, I would have considered it. However, as you did not, this is a grief. (Included are pictures of the river literally under my build; not included are pictures of all the random waterfalls/water spouts also on the side of the hills that I removed prior to the ban.)

As it was a fairly minor grief, and clearly non-malicious, you will only remain tempbanned for a week. Do not edit someone’s build without permission, no matter how innocuous it may seem.