niko12099 - 19th of April, 2014


Minecraft Username niko12099

Date of Ban 19th of April, 2014
Server Other
Banned by john

Reason for Ban impersonating staff as a very lame joke

Reason to be Unbanned tbh, it was obvious i wasnt piehole, and i was also banned without warning, which if i was kicked the joke would have been over and i wouldnt have to appeal, but w/e i wont joke arround anymore with staff or “impersonate” staff anymore

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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You have a great attitude, just sayin’

The impersonation of any staff, regardless of their rank from Mod to Admin, is strictly prohibited. Either on forums or in the server, attempting to pose as staff and use it to your advantage for personal benefit will result in an immediate suspension of all services

Pulled from our TOS, you dont have to have a warning.

ok well, i apologize for impersonating staff, i thought it was funny but i guess it went too far, it wont happen again

A joke? Ferrari asked to speak to me in private about staff in TS. He and I moved to a separate channel to speak. John joined and asked if he is allowed to join. He was.

All Ferrari wanted to ask was for tips on how to be a better staff member. There are a lot of times when people are borderline breaking the rules or doing inappropriate things. How are staff supposed to know where that line is and how should they respond?

Here is the problem. Niko and Robin decided they wanted to listen in on our staff conversation. So they changed their names to Pie and Cherry. I had not noticed right away but John and Fer did. Ferrari moved them out our channel first, but they came right back. John banned them for this.

Spying on a private conversation as staff is a joke eh?

im sorry kyle, but your mistaken. we joined and then got moved out and insta banned.

Even if that were true, you still impersonated staff. Me being mistaken on that point is moot.

all in all, it was all a joke. at the time i didnt think of the fact of being banned, i take full responsibility for what i did i am trully sorry for my actions. we all do stupid things in our life. all im asking is for forgiveness. i as we’ll as my mates are active almost every day on team speak, which makes pcb that much more enjoyable for us. i would really enjoy being able to continue to talk with them since its the only way i can verbally communicate with them. i Niko12099 promise no longer to impersonate staff again, i understand now what i did was stupid and wrong. all i ask is for to be forgiven and unbanned. ~Niko

Leaving this open for other staff members to view.

One last post before I finally go to bed. John, niko and robin are good kids, it was just a joke that was a little far, people do stupid things sometimes, it’s what makes us all humans. I feel like this is a little over the top for something like this. I know it’s a rule. Niko apologized and is asking for forgiveness. I thought it was a forgive and forget thing (no disrespect). I know them both very we’ll and they like having fun once in a while. He did say he isn’t doing it again because be didn’t realize the banning consequences. All in all, I’m not involved but I feel like I have the right to stick up for a friend. Like I said, we all make mistakes and do stupid things. Robin and Niko are both really active both on server and forums, I feel like they make TS a better place because they keep it alive. TS Wasn’t even popular until they worked hard to convince people to join in. Lastly I feel like this should just be put behind and just given a last chance. Forgive and forget, as in no disrespect.

As I said on the server, I am not the sole choice on this case.

I think they should both be unbanned, but only after they make an honest, true apology (which will be hard to tell on the internet…) Niko has done this to some extent, but I would want Robin to appeal, too.

It was fucking stupid, but I doubt they had any malicious intent. It may have been intended as a joke but it’s still a fairly serious offence.

As I was saying last night To note, I wasn’t on TS at all last night, I had mentioned that it’s one thing to generally pose as staff, and another thing directly posing as specific users. I think, Yes, this is an absolutely dumb action on Niko and Robin’s end. I don’t see the kick in pretending to be me. I mean, was there something myself or Pie did that made you choose us to impersonate?

Either way my say to be unbanned on the TS server is beyond my control, whoever was present in the event should have the most importance of say. I think a temporary week ban from TS would be my suggestion for this. Bad actions come with consequences, and this is one of those times where the players actions need arrangement for temporary punishment.

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You have a great attitude, just sayin’

The impersonation of any staff, regardless of their rank from Mod to Admin, is strictly prohibited. Either on forums or in the server, attempting to pose as staff and use it to your advantage for personal benefit will result in an immediate suspension of all services

Well I know niko a good amount considering we randomly stayed up for like 5 hours on TS once and derped till we all passed out, and I know that hes a trustable member who likes to joke around, maybe a little too much for his own good, but he shouldn’t be banned for a first time offense. What I predict is that niko and robin just wanted to know what goes on in staff chat, like when I was a member I always was so curious on what happened in staff chat and it was so annoying when staff left to that locked channel. Even thought changing their name and acting like staff is wrong, it shouldn’t be the reason he is banned. It should only be a warning. BTW john even I didn’t know that acting like staff was a bannable offense when your just joking around. I understand that rule as in, if you are acting like your staff and telling people what to do then it should be bannable, not just changing your username and joining a TS channel. All in All, I say unban them with a warning, or at least for niko, we should still wait for robin’s appeal.

I still dont see how its a joke, and neither does Kyle(as of last night when I went to bed).

Like I said, you obviously don’t see it as a joke because you don’t know them well enough. Again, this has gone way too far for such nonsense. Even ninja didn’t even know it was a rule. This is his first offense, he should be given a last chance because most of us know niko well enough that it was just a joke. You guys aren’t active enough to truly know niko and robin. I know quite a handful of staff and people who have done this before lol, its usually done for the lols, and people just laugh it off.

Cherry and I are just that awesome. Lol, maybe small tempban, but thats all in my opinion.

I’m actually kind of sad I didn’t get to ban for this, and more confused why it still happened. I’ve already been kind enough to kicked people off TS for doing this repeatedly with plenty of witnesses. I was hoping people would get the hint that this kind of joke gets old very fast, and will only cause problems. Staff’s job is to remove problems.

The thing is you HAVE had a warning, multiple infact from Crass. I’m not sure if I have, but I know for fact Crass has kicked you at the very least twice for pretending to be Piehole. It is quite annoying when you impersonate a staff member. Anyways, the fact is you have had warnings and it seems you haven’t taken them seriously. And now you have to pay the price. No, I don’t think it should be a permanent ban, but a week or a few as you need some sort of punishment.

EDIT: And Crass beat me to the punch.