New Server Address

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The new server will be launched in the coming weeks. In the meantime, bookmark the new server address. You will be able to join the server using:

Server stats can be found at

That’s awesome!!! :smiley: Can’t wait for the new stuff to come. ;D

We will eventually. But these are stats pulled off the server through a plugin. The server is being set up independent of the website.

Does that domain name mean you paid for another domain? I know its cheap and all, but don’t you have to buy domain names like that?


Perhaps the plugin provides the domain name? (unlikely but possible)
Edit: ninja’d by spec by TWO seconds

Also great job spec!

depends, there’s a damn lot of free domain sites out there. co and are such examples

Guys, I have a question, I saw ggg, john, AND even valo online on the map, but I cant connect. It tells me its not up yet, and to check for launch details. Anyone know why this is happening? I am so bored lol

It said that to me zak but then I tried again and I got in o_o

Yea, I’m pretty butthurt right now. Says 8 people online and I can’t get on because of that reason as well.

Actually noone is on it just joins you in twice and once you log out your still on for some reason…

Yea I’ve learned a few things between the last time I posted. Mostly from goof :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very disappointed to see players on a locked down server. The server is being taken down and will stay down. Any players found on will be banned for a week.

Do you have any idea how they could have gotten past the lockdown? What plugin is it?

I hope you know how angry I am at every player that was on the server.

It has been stated that the server has not been launched yet. It was locked down. The fact that you were able to bypass the lockdown does not mean that you should have joined the server. Especially the OPs and mods who were playing.

The server was up but locked in order to do stress tests, network uptime tests and backend configuration.

I have been working on setting up a new server for nearly a month now and I have put more than 80+ hours into setting up all of this. The fact that you would join the server and PLAY on it before it has launched is very disappointing. You are not only spoiling it for yourselves but for everyone else. I can see exactly who was on, how far they travelled, what blocks they smashed/placed and the items they have collected.

I will now delete the maps and regenerate new ones that have not been built on. I will delete all the player files to wipe inventories.

Oh crap, I didn’t know they were not supposed to be on. Sorry for bothering you, spec.

Well that sucks spec. I’m sure if they woulda known they woulda stayed off. Well thanks for not giving up and putting so much time and effort into this.

Sorry special I’ll never do that again! But I went on cause I saw others on… >.>

You guys. Suck.

I know right? These people are awful. :stuck_out_tongue: