New Map Idea: Harbor

I have and idea for a map that could be an add on to bigcity. It would be primarily water with about 1/3 land for the docks. Could have either commercial or military ships in the docks, along with anything else someone wants hidden among the waves.

This is just an idea I had for a little bit and wanted to put it out there.

I support this idea. Ships and other naval construction would be welcome to balance bigcity. I know it is possible to expand the map. Could we expand it out to sea?

It’s up to Andy if we do this or not. Is it even feasible?

This sounds awesome xD
I was just thinking earlier that i wanted to make some water builds, but i couldn’t find anywhere suitable.


Make the Map DEEP for real ocean like effects
and so i can make a base at the verry bottom and go…
“Meanwhile at the legion of doom” aka my base.

Oilrig?!!??!!? Ya will ad some sharks then break the oilrig and see what happens.
We should add about 5 sharks in random spots

YES. to pretty much all of that. can i help with the LegionOfPCB? xD I call making missiles! :smiley: