New laptop has problem in MC?

My new latop has this problem in Minecraft when it freezes for like 1.5 seconds and it’s really starting to piss me off like fuck… AND it lags like hell when I leave it on the game menu for 5 seconds -.- This is balls and it really disappoints me.

It also runs out of memory every 15 mins. :frowning:

le sigh This was the only reason I got a new computer so I could play minecraft without lag :C No.

Mine does that. External keyboard and f3 f refeshes it

Soo I gotta use a god damn external keyboard to play minecraft? That’s fucking bullshit

Try using optifine if you arnt, the lag spike might be the auto save feature which optifine fixes, also try running it in fullscreen mode (F11 i think), that gets rid of a bit of lag too =]

Specs of yo new laptop pwease? =D

Basically all this shit is giving me is how much ram is installed : 4GB

I bet my dad fished this out of a pond

4gb’s is decent, go to controll pannel then system to find out the cpu name/speed =D

Edit - 4 gbs is way more then you actually need to run minecraft, so the problem is elsewhere


Name too? find out if its dual or so core


wuh? getz on steam XD

Derp fucking update

To bad your running a pc, i might be able to help if it was a mac. Sorry, ill see if i can find anything to help.

lol, 4gbs, quad core 2.1 with a intel hd 3000 GPU, apart from it being a laptop (bad graphics driver) its decent really

I had a very similar problem Vaio. My PC is rocking, and I still had lots o trouble. The solution for me was a proper installation of Java. I needed the 64-bit version to fix whatever it was stopping it from working. Do you know if your OS is 32 or 64-bit?

Another option is to update video drivers. Oh, and try installing Java from internet explorer instead of firefox like I did. Did any of that help?


If your advice doesn’t work… I don’t know what to do with this laptop…

EDIT : None of this shit worked… I might aswel sell this laptop on Ebay

java 7 fixes nost MC bugs that i have found :stuck_out_tongue:

didn’t work…

This is depressing…

I offically dub your lap top… Crap. Just like mine, but better :smiley:

‘So I dub thee derp.’ (Ital, you should get the reference there…)

Unfortunately I can’t really suggest anymore than they have. Though driver updates do generally help, if you haven’t done that already. Also do Windows updates as well.