New Hardcore Server

I believe that if we start up a new hardcore that we can make more money for PCB. I want this to be a thing. We can make new rules for this server. In particular maybe instead of pay-per-life scheme we can let people have one life per-day and there would be a membership were you can respawn anytime you want. Staff and trusted still have fly but no invincibility. There could be an assassins’ den where people can call hit on each other. Everyone gets an apartment to start out in for free. They can pay for a better one or go out of town and build a house. I am hoping there can be a huge city kinda like Big City for all of this to take place in.

‘‘a membership were you can respawn anytime you want’’

So like the survival server except you have to pay?

The whole idea behind it being hardcore is that people would get one life per month, additional lives would be bought when/if they die.

Original plans were that only staff would have fly.

Here are my ideas;

  • Must be at least a member to join(whitelist)
  • Fire spread enabled
  • Explosions enabled
  • Pvp enabled
  • Hard Difficulty
  • 1 free life per month, additional can be purchased either with Money from survival, or with donations of real life money

I think an entire month is too long

That’s the point- a month is ages. It’s hardcore, at least you get to respawn. The whole point is if you die, you are dead- you gotta stay aware, it’s not easy and simple.

Shouldnt staff also get infinite lives? if not, we would need to get a ton more staff just for this one server

Good idea. I would play on that server, and it would be good for money.

Well, it wouldnt ban you from the server, but it would set you to adventure mode, and turn off your pvp for the time being.

I do like the idea of a hardcore server with John’s specifications.

I’ve always wanted a hardcore server but we don’t have any spare servers left to host it on. Someone else will need to host it I’m afraid.

I honestly think that there shouldn’t be much moderation needed for it asides from banning players using hacks. Hardcore being hardcore, it should be full anarchy. If someone’s griefing your house or trying to loot you, you should have to kill them.

I’ll be able to rent a box in about a month for this. I would be willing to use my own computer, if my internet wasnt so bad.These speeds shouldnt even be legal…

Lol, that’s cute.

I can put up some more money into another VPS easily

I am glad this is coming to be. But how will people pay to join the server will there be a button at spawn? Also there should be a diplomatic immunity place where pvp is not allowed like the market but it will be called sanctuary you can’t break blocks in sanctuary and hunger is stalled but not fed.

When I first joined PCB I still had Dial Up Internet, where I was happy to be in the lower spectrum of double digit kilobytes-per-second. I lack sympathy for you.

Yeah I run off a laptop for my gaming so I can’t really get anything good via steam.


I’ve had faster before, but it’s still awesome :slight_smile:

I feel for you guys that don’t have fibre optic yet…

So all of the shitty place called the US? except for Cali, Kansas, and New York?