Money and Grinders

Hello everyone, I am posting a chat Goof and I had. I feel you guys may want to discuss this.

Kyle_8910: I am a little concerned by the use of farming in survival
Goofmobber: you mean the endergrinder?
Kyle_8910: for materials, it may be ok, but it still breaks the market
Goofmobber: true.
Kyle_8910: most people should have less than 3k by now
Kyle_8910: even that’s really high
Kyle_8910: the farms should give 0 really. Perhaps we could extend the distance the spawner reaches?
Kyle_8910: that zone of 0
Goofmobber: that is a possibility, though there are ways of avoiding that
Goofmobber: it would have to be uh
Kyle_8910: yes, I can imagine a few
Goofmobber: i believe 16, but even then, there isn’t really a way to circumvent it
Kyle_8910: I don’t want to, but a no auto farm rule? (for mobs only)
Goofmobber: hmm…
Goofmobber: xp would be a pain
Goofmobber: like a major pain
Kyle_8910: thats true. if only we could prevent the money thing
Goofmobber: yeah.
Kyle_8910: Oh! how about a money limit? like a wallet size!
Goofmobber: A wallet size… interesting
Kyle_8910: Another idea is to use a block like enchantment tables as money
Goofmobber: that… would work
Kyle_8910: too valuable to make a lot of
Goofmobber: enchanting tables though, are kinda cheap to make
Kyle_8910: really? diamonds?
Goofmobber: for someone like keaton, who’s been stocking up since way back when
Kyle_8910: I thought of diamond blocks first, but those can be used
Goofmobber: to think realistically though, something has to back up that money though
Goofmobber: you cant craft anything out of enchanting tables
Kyle_8910: fili was acting as a bank in his town
Goofmobber: ok. hey wait a minute
Kyle_8910: he was using paper
Goofmobber: we should have fines
Goofmobber: dying.
Goofmobber: tp’ing
Goofmobber: /home’ing
Kyle_8910: that was discussed, but it’s not really fair
Goofmobber: for ops you mean?
Kyle_8910: for many, people with lots o money wont care and people with little would suffer
Goofmobber: exponentially decaying budgets?
Kyle_8910: I think a cap is probably a good idea
Kyle_8910: say, 1000 max?
Goofmobber: that would work.
Goofmobber: but farming is ok, right?
Kyle_8910: yes
Goofmobber: i do believe that would work
Goofmobber: like really, i cant really use my money for anything
Kyle_8910: still a bit unfair, but not 50k unfair

Is there a way to limit how much money you have gained from a monster? So that way it doesn’t make shops kinda worthless to make. I think a 1000 limit and then you can’t gain any more money from a mob until you get rid of the money, like say you go down less than 1000. So if you are over 1000 even from shops then the mobs wont give you money but shops will still give you money. If this makes any since, im getting kinda tired and can’t quite put 2 and 2 together as well. Sooo, if this isn’t too confusing then i would love to see this instead of a limit of 1000. I am already to like 2500, so i wouldn’t need to make my potions shop like i was planning. Especially since i am usually quite self supplied. So i guess ima leave that there before it gets toooo confusing and i ramble on toooo much.

Right after this conversation, I thought my balance of $35,000+ would be wiped, so I went to spawn and bought myself $7,000 worth of diamonds, went to the nether, and burned them all in front of MythBeast, scarring him for life. I’m sorry Myth! D:

Is ok goof. How did you get so much money so quick? The only way i figure you could get that much money is if you just stayed infront of your grinder ALLL day, or you killed special several times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, specialk hasn’t been on at all, so that’s not an option. However, I did build 2 EXTREMELY efficient XP farms, and went afk.

Ah, yes. We do need to simply limit how much you can get from a single mob type really. I don’t think there is a plugin that is that complex though.

It would be nice if we could limit money from a mob type per day in real life. Or simply a limit in how much someone could make in a day.

A cap would still be a good idea though. 10k perhaps?

Perfect. A limit per day, plus a cap. In other words, a payroll and a leather non-stretchable wallet.

10k seems pretty reasonable, but like i was saying if you do reach the cap and you are someone who doesn’t buy that much, it would be kinda pointless to make a good shop and sell to the people. I was thinking of how what i was describing may be a little too much to ask out of any current plugins. Maybe we could limit the amount of money you could get from a mob in a day, make that pretty low so people don’t abuse mob grinders. I guess to limit the amount of money you could receive in a day could also permit people to buy others stuff to be more likely to receive money from their own shop. If say you reach the limit of money then you spend some more, then you can keep receiving money from any other means.

I say we should have a limit on how much money you can get in a day maybe a 1000$? 500$? 500 seems reasonable to me, but this only goes for the mobs and not the money u can get from chest shops and with chest shops special takes a 10% cut of it.

So just a limit on the amount on money you can get from mobs and not from your chest shops.

Just so I get this straight, this WONT affect XP?

That’s the only reason I or anyone really needs them, money is money but XP is great

I agree with what gggeeee said, I don’t care for the money I WANT THE XP :stuck_out_tongue: but a cap on the amount of money you can get from mobs in a day would be good too

I’ll look into the plugin configurations. A bit later tonight.

Also we could also have enchantment shops, to guarantee you get a certain enchantment for a higher price. I think money limits would be good, considering that once you have 10k, you should spend it, otherwise you are just keeping tons of money. I didnt quite read the whole conversation since I just woke up, but even as you kill more mobs you start to get less money for them.

Many of this is plugin side, and may not be easy to config…

Or you can donate it to KT INC so I can actually afford to pay people their salaries :slight_smile: jk…but in all reality I do like the idea of limiting rewards from mobs, but I haven’t seen a plugin/mod that can do that.


I believe that a 2000-2500 limit would be great because i can usually make 500 without trying a day but I’ll spend quit a bit for supplies in an upcoming project. But i made a shop to have a little income for me and Mythbeast so we wont go broke building stuff. But all in all i would rather have a 2000 limit so we can make the money from our shops and from killing a few mobs and selling a few things.

I like the idea of a wallet. Like everybody has a cap of a certain amount, but there could be an option to pay like 10 diamonds to add another $1000 to your wallet capacity. This means everyone is capped but at different levels.

Another idea is that once you reach the $10,000 mark, every time you kill a mob the money is donated to the poorest player(s).

I love this idea. :smiley: The poorest player would most likely be me. :stuck_out_tongue:

how about we go Zelda style?

so here is what i am propsoing.

we can make a total of $500 a day at the farm, but after that it gets cut off… .unless you buy a wallet upgrade… that way people can make money, and keep gaining XP.

so you start off witha novice Wallet: holds $400
Adventuerer’s Wallet: holds $2000- costs $400 to buy
Business Man’s Wallet: Holds $10000- Costs $1500 to buy.
Giant’s wallet: Holds $45000- costs $10000 to buy.

you shouldn’t need a Wallet bigger than the Giants wallet. this way, it isn’t breaking the Market, and business owners can still have enough money in the bank to make thier own shops because the chests and signs cost $100
this will also make it applicable to have Banks. cause if you want or need to with the Wallets. you will have to deposit money in order to save up for the wallets.

This sounds like a very good idea shadow.

also this way, if money dosn’t get cut off at $500, and you have the wallets, when your wallet is full, you ahve to leave the spawner to deposit money in the bank, thus restarting the spawning process by the spawn trap, and taking longer to get XP.