Minecraft Hunger Games

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Join us this weekend for round 2 of the Hunger Games as we battle to the death!


The event will be held:

Saturday 28th April

8am PDT (GMT -7)
10am CDT (GMT -5
11am EDT (GMT -4)
3pm GMT
4pm BST (GMT +1) - London
1am AST (GMT +10) - Melbourne - Sunday


  • Every player starts around the “Cornucopia”
  • When the game starts PVP is enabled
  • Last person standing is the winner


  • You cannot bring items into the arena
  • No flying
  • TP and mod commands are disabled
  • Placing and breaking blocks are disabled
  • Mobs are disabled but may be spawned
  • No mini map client mods are allowed
  • No client mods which give you an unfair advantage are allowed
  • You can make alliances and play as a team. However only 1 player can win
  • Once you die, you are out of the arena.


  • At the centre of the arena there are chests with items.
  • There is very little food to find in the arena. Controlling the Cornucopia will give you a supply of food
  • Chests are scattered around the map. There are over 50 chests to the north in the jungle and hills
  • There are no chests south of the cornucopia
  • If you wander too far you will probably starve to death. You will not find enough food to survive far away from the main area
  • There are a few islands. These are guarded by blazes and cave spiders. There is some rare but very hard to get loot here.
  • Fishing rods make a good source of food
  • There will be no sponsors item dropping things for players. However new items will spawn at the cornucopia and be announced to all the players
  • There is a village to the south with the only furnaces and crafting tables. This place is guarded by blazes/pig zombies/cave spiders/magma cubes. This place is useful as the chests will contain craftable items


  • The winner gets $10,000
  • Every player that participates gets 3 diamonds


  • There is a wall around some of the snow biome. You can get across but there is nothing useful there
  • The smaller islands are deadly and mobs will probably kill you
  • All chests to the south have been removed
  • 80 chests added in the north and the island north west
  • Once you die use /vanish and /fly to spectate
  • Village protected by blazes
  • No dispensers at the cornucopia
  • Potions can now be found in the chests
  • Iron weapons/armour taken away from the cornucopia. They can be found in the jungle
  • If you go underground start exploring caverns/hide in a ditch for a long time, blazes will spawn right on your head

??? Is there something wrong with the forum posting?

nvm looks like it got fixed.

YES! I WILL BE THERE!!! (unless it’s at like 11pm)

I would love to be there, i just hope that i don’t have internet problems. I am now hoping that i don’t have to go kayaking XD I might be able to make this if you make it a later time. Like later today i could do, but we def need a good bit of players. So i guess this will be started tomorrow then.

I’m in.

I hope there are tons of traps and secret chests. :smiley:

I will try my best to be there no promises because i am going to try to hang out with friends maybe you can go myth!

Oooo…looks interesting >:3 I’ll try to be there!

I don’t know about actually entering it (unless you are forced to do it), perhaps I can be part of the trap-ish mechanism.

I may be kayaking later this weekend so it could be difficult for me to be there. I REALY HOPE I CAN MAKE IT. And next weekend ima be having my birthday, so if we plan on doing this again next weekend, then i may also be having trouble then. Well, i hope i can make it when ever it is supposed to be.

Actually, we could use some traps. It’s nowhere near done in my opinion. The map is so huge, that hiding chests alone will take a while. I hid around 12 chests.

lol nice, i wish i could help but i bet that would take me out of the running for the event.

Hmmm, actually I wouldn’t mind helping out with the map. I could be one of the ‘sponsors’ and spawn mobs on people’s heads and give them stuff. Setting up the map sounds fun :slight_smile:

I would rather play the game. I hope im not one of those who dies right away. XD

Myth your the one im going for first XP ::slight_smile:

If it is on a server, I could help, perhaps.

I would love to help build and moderate the games. That as well as build some traps. supper excited for this.

Oh and maybe record the whole thing.

I’ll remember that when i run to grab a sword. XD

My new jungle assassin skin will be very helpful in this. ;D

GAH! I want to compete, but I would love to make some traps too xD Maybe do it a couple of times? Once I die in the first one, I could help change some traps around/add more for day 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

the thing that sucks is, if we all decided to build the ma and get a chance of not being able to play the event then it would kinda lonely for whoever decides to play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good. And I’ll actually be able to be on for once, cause my mom is going to a baby shower so I won’t be harassed to do chores xD