Minecraft 1.8 is Officially Released Today!

Finally the day has come! Whats everyones favourite part of the update? And when will the sever be able to run 1.8?
My personal favourite has to be the multi-coloured and diiferent styled doors depending on which wood you use!

It will take a while before the server runs on 1.8 so no need to do special things… as in save up money etc

Me: 1.8 is out
Everyone leaves server to update

Just thought it was kinda funny ;D

most people try out 1.8 now but they’ll come back since there aren’t any multiplayer servers on 1.8 yet =P

I have one sever in my list that runs 1.8.

The new update for Minecraft has been rolled out! Just remember, as always, our plugins take a while to update, so you’ll have to downgrade to 1.7.X if you want to go on PCB!

Thanks for reading!

Spigot have released something called a “protocol hack”. Basically it means people with 1.8 can join the server, but it only has 1.7 blocks. Most minigame servers do that. A certain nonspecified minigames server owned by CaptainSparklez, is still running 1.6 on the minigame servers. It isn’t worth us updating to this protocol hack.

this soon after the update it’s a server that is 1.7.10, but allows people with 1.8 clients to join, however 1.8 blocks etc are not usable

Ok thanks.

I’d say at least a month before everything updates without breaking.

I cannot downgrade to 1.7.X to play PCB. how do I do it?!

bottom left hand corner, hit edit profile, thin change the version to 1.7.10

When I say 1.7.X, it means any update that falls under 1.7, as our servers are able to work with said versions.

I was just going to say the doors. I just checked this out and they are so cool! gotta love the bunnys though 2! I also can’t wait to get some villager help with my farms!

I got on to ts today and I am like " GUYS GUESS WHAT!!! 1.8 IS OUT!!!" they be like “yep that’s old news” then I said “oh” so ya guess I was a little late on this. Cant wait to hear all the peeps coming back from school all hipped.

[size=18pt]YAY 1.8! (anyone notice I used the font size 18 lol as in 1.8 eh? eh?

ok I am done

I like it. New blocks, new skin customisation options. I like anything to improve aesthetics.

It’ll be a bit confusing at first to edit skins etc, but once I get used to it I should have some decent new ideas. :slight_smile:


Totally not mineplex… Eh octo?

^ my thoughts exactly.

Time to set up a future bunny farm

This update is going to be GREAT! So much more to build and play with! It’s like a whoooole neeeew gaaame!