Minecraft 1.6

So for those of you are behind or simply have been living in a cave for the past few weeks (get it? ;D) here is a consolidated list of confirmed features for 1.6.

Player Maps!

  • Lets you create maps which show the world top down as you explore it
  • You have to look down at the map
  • Maps can be passed to other players
  • Maps show any other players in the area plotted on the map

SMP Nether

Work the same as doors, but in the ground like a trapdoor (does not let water through though). Hatches open outwards, not inwards.

Pistons postponed
Planned for 1.6 but got delayed

Potentially a Mod API

Sky dimension?

Huzzah! I will be the first to circumnavigate the entire map! ;D

When is 1.6 planned to come out?

soon italian soon… anyway i will be the first not you! haha!
but then again im workin at the airport thing so it may be a while xD

If I remember correctly, you can’t map out the entire world - only a large area around you from where you start the map

Yeah, when crafting you can choose how ‘zoomed in’ you want the map to be too. So you can have a detailed one of the immediate area, or a less detailed one covering a large area.

Sounds awesome :smiley:

I’m really excited about the hatches/trapdoors. These will make hideouts/hidden entrances a lot easier to conceal.

aww… im gunna have to reinstall all my mods :frowning:

Notch just tweeted he could be adding in a new sky dimension

the ather!

No way. If he installs the aether, in my opinion that will ruin the game. It’s just not realistic enough (from what I saw). But, I shall wait and see.

he will probably make his own version derpaherp

Yes, but he has to get an idea from somwhere.

EDIT: Well, I just saw the pics Andy posted, and that looks epic! I’ll want it! :smiley:

1.6 coming out next week, confirmed on twitter- (notch) “You’re the awesomest people ever! <3 Oh, and 1.6 is coming next week.”

skydimensions look super! would there be a ground? like earth? or just straight to void? INFINATE SUICIDES!! i wonder if there would bedrock?

Just remember, the server won’t be upgraded to 1.6 until a stable version of Bukkit is released. So don’t update your client if you want to keep on playing on PCB.

That’s true. Hopefully the developers of Bukkit will have it quickly.

This may sound like an odd question, but I figure it will help others as well.

How do we prevent the game from auto updating? Last time this happened, many of us were out of the game for a few days because of it. I know I was just being lazy. I could have looked for how to downgrade…

Do you not have the new launcher? Re download it from minecraft.net When there is an update available it gives you the choice to download it or not.

Ah ha! So that was it. Thanks.