Minecraft 1.2 updates: what we know so far.

Alright so if you havnt been paying attention to the tweets about the newest update in Minecraft, I’ve listed the most important ones below. :slight_smile:

• Adds a new Jungle biome, including the three normal trees inside the biome along with a new type of tree with it’s own leaves aswell.

  • also, vines that are attached to blocks are climbable (they have no hit-box [like ladders in 1.1])
    • RE-adds the collision/hit box of ladders
    • Adds a new mob, the Ocelot.
    -Looks like a jaguar and when tamed, can look like three different types of house-cats, and is able to sit.
    • Zombies now are WAAAY smarter than before and will chase you down with their new programming and basically rape you. They also know when doors are open or closed. (I thought zombies were brainless and dumb :frowning: )
  • skeletons also gained a new AI by knowing when they’re on fire from of the sun and will run to the nearest shade
    • Some “miner” bug fixes
    • Villagers will try to detect village houses and live in them
    • adds new items
  • xp potion
  • “fire” item…
    • and the latest update or pre-release tweak was the shift-click bug whilst crafting. (lancer posted it earlier, so just follow his link he provided.)

I like the ones about the mobs. Its gonna be interesting battling zombies and skeles now.

Creeper AI was updated but Ocelots when tamed scare away Creepers.

The fire thing is a fireball similar to what ghasts spit. They can be placed in dispencers for ultimate death dealers.


Even though on the server for now the creepers are not really anything to be afraid of. They don’t destroy blocks, wich is good, and they now don’t do any damage. This might be a bug in the plugin or something idk. But it is great for single player.

Yes they’re My favorite part of the update :slight_smile: if you put them in dispensers, they will shoot out and light things on fire :smiley: oh, and the spawner eggs will also shoot out the mob if shot from a dispenser, instead of just shooting the egg out in 1.1.

[size=8pt][glow=red,2,300]Infinite creeper spawner ;D[/glow]

Infinite creeper spawner

New circle of hell unlocked 8) All hail the king baby

The zombie AI is scary :’(

Here’s a link to a video showing how smart they are:

[size=8pt]I thought they were brainless…

Just gonna add this is. Read it. http://www.mojang.com/2012/02/14/new-minecraft-map-format-anvil/

The single greatest thing about this is the increased map height!

hell to the YES

WHAT! 256 map height!? YES!!!


Another snapshot is out… Tiny villagers? http://www.mojang.com/2012/02/15/minecraft-snapshot-12w07a/

The two things that interest me most there are:

Some nights in villages will be worse than others…

Added a redstone-controlled light source

Sounds like we may have to do a ‘Spend a week (minecraft time) in a ‘Haunted’ Village’ challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a defend the village! As zombies now attack villagers at night, and can break down doors.


i think i am looking forward to scaring the shit outta Creepers with the Ocelot the most. about time we scared that sneaky son of a gun away instead of the other way around! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys looks like Mojang has officially announced that Minecraft 1.2 will be launching on Thursday, March 1. :smiley:

As far as Minecraft updates go, this is going to be a huge one with new jungle areas, Ocelots you can tame, Iron Golems to protect villages from zombies, villagers can now reproduce, new placements of blocks for totally new decorating options and a whole hell of a lot more. So if you’re Minecraft addicted, tomorrow is going to be a very big day for you & me! :smiley:

maybe i should be “sick” again