Minecraft 1.0

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Join the rest of the PCB community on our survival server around 1pm-2.30pm PST for the launch of Minecraft 1.0. We will be hosting a vanilla server without Bukkit (or with Bukkit hopefully) and a new map.

Survival Server:

We will use this post to keep you informed on the server status.

UPDATE: 1.0 is live on the survival server!
UPDATE 2: There seems to be an invalid key error on the server. We’re working on the solution.

Yay! :smiley: But when is it for GMT?

I had an idea, this seems an appropriate place to get some opinions, and it might change what happens during this first play xD
Basically, once we have a stable survival server up, we have a month to mine and craft (see what I did there? ;D ) as normal, then at the end of the month, we hold an event to enter ‘The End’, and fight the dragon!

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I’m gonna be at work for the next 10 hours or so. Ill be on later. Sorry!

Also, this should help with times.

EDIT: 1000 Posts :smiley:

D= i won’t be on for another week…

Oh well, i can still play Quake 3 at school, all is good!

Aweomse! :DDDDDD

I;m looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Shaking with anticipation!.. and its cold here…


Just what I needed! :smiley:


download my prettyyyysssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssss

1.0 is out, but minecraft.net is being ddosed by everyone trying to download it at once :frowning:

I got it! :smiley:

SAME! ='D…[s]. allthough now its telling me to update my java…


toot toot! cant wait till the mods are updated XD, i need my opti fine back.

Got the update, tried to join the sever but if said it was outdated -_- Now the sever is down :c

Its up now

im getting a error saying ‘server responded with a invalid server key’ … theres always something wrong XD


it says 10 people are on and mine says the server responded with an invalid server key