Minecraft 1.0 Bukkit Update Vote

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Those playing our 1.0 Survival Server will probably know it has become a bit of a griefed mess and also full of creeper holes. When Bukkit is updated we can either start another new map or continue with the current (relatively new) map that we started on the 19th November.

Can I choose the seed? :smiley: I have a good one.

I think start new, though with the same seed as the 1.7.3 map, I think most of us really liked that seed, plus we can move some important things from it and have it fit.

time to start a fight about the map seed. MWAHAHAHA

Won’t it be completely different though? Due to the new terrain generation? We could make a new spawn to a similar style though :smiley:

we must use the seed 404 :smiley:

Yea it would Liam, I would think that some aspects of it would remain similar though. Plus we can move old old spawn :smiley:

Idk, I’ve been thinking that that is the map that for a lot of us kept us on. Of course along with the permission to fly, but that is another discussion.

I don’t mind if we don’t go the same seed, but I think some major things from old survival NEED to go over.

the new terrain generation completely destroyed 404, its now a tundra biome so i don’t know about the same seed we used for1.7.3 :l

It WILL be different. because of the new biomes and things

So if we have a new map could we just use the same seed since we already found the stronghold and stuff?
Also we could have some of the homes we worked on, world edited in there with no prob since the seed was in made 1.0.

That’s what the vote is for.


The map we are playing on now does seem a bit war torn in terms of looks, lots of holes half filled up, looting has been going on ect, so i think it would be best for a new map to be made once bukkit LB and other plugins and stuff are updated

Oh so a completely new seed, not just new map?
My bad.
Well i said earlier that i was kinda an idiot.
Sorry for the stupid questions.

I say same seed from 1.7.3! That seed was the most epic i have seen. It will be totally new also because of all the generation code!

Guys, the 1.7.3 seed will NOT work with the new terrain generation. However, andy did say he’d put up a download for the old map as it was when we finished it. Put it up andeh? xD

I vote to keep Vanilla Minecraft. I like Vanilla a lot, and I think we all work nicer and together since we’re all practicly the same rank.

Bukkit is better because commands, little lag (depends), no raging (for some people at least) and all the ranks, I hate being thinked of as a guest.

Maybe we should have 2 seperate servers for survival. I’m not smartie when it comes to server business and whatever but it doesn’t sound too complicated to just make 2 dif servers, or at least transfer server ownership to whoever is willing to keep Vanilla. Btw I know what bukkit is, I know I still want a Vanilla sort of style server

Basically, with bukkit and the other plugins it will be the same, except we will have ranks, be able to tp, set homes (/sethome and /home), it will be easier to catch griefers (log block to see who did what, and we can undo griefers).