Medikherb - 13th of April, 2014


Minecraft Username Medikherb

Date of Ban 13th of April, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Anthjmon10

Reason for Ban Unauthorized building.

Reason to be Unbanned I did build a set of stairs, however I kept it the same as the other paths so it didn’t look out of place, other than that I did a bunch of work in my apartment, and did a bunch of mining. Other than that I did nothing.

[ Ban History ] 1 other ban appeals found
14th of April, 2014

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Anth, please see the comment I put in the last appeal. LogBlock can be misleading. He was a resident of your town, so probably used your mine.

On saturday when I was on, i was at Anths city and i did see a group of name tags far below underground (far under the modern home anth is making me, but i couldn’t see what the names said, just the little name box things), it could have been him and some other people.

i understand what you guys are saying but there was more grief I found around from him, and the stairs he built were not matching. I kept him banned because his ban appeal sucked and he lied

Did you run that command? And where did he lie? At no point in the last appeal did he put a lie, and his ban appeal “sucked” because it’s a trivial thing to ban for. Also, the vast majority of those blocks were most likely in the town’s mine.

I’m going to intervene here and agree with this.he has taken the time to make 3 threads about this. I believe he deserves a second shot.

The only evidence here I’m seeing is your own opinion, which as a deciding factor in preventing this player from ever coming on our server again for such a trivial crime, I find inconclusive.
Yeah, he may have griefed, but I am not convinced of your understanding of the scale of his grief. If you provided us some concrete information then I’d be more willing to accept the judgment call. However, “his ban appeal sucked”; granted, the quality of a ban appeal does have some weight, but that scales according to the crime committed. For what appeals a fairly petty crime, I do not think this player should have to write an essay in order to get back in. Most players who do cause small problems with griefing may be young or may not understand how our system works. Try to be a little more open to understanding how the other person is thinking instead of just bringing down the iron fist.
And your claim that he is lying doesn’t have any support. At least give some quotes or a screenshot or something.

As shadow said, 3 ban appeals indicates that he is apologetic and desires to return. I believe he should at least be given a second chance to prove himself.

Ok I will unban him when I log on. But if he ever griefs again he will stay banned. Locked.

I’ve unbanned for you.

By the way the meta he didn’t lie on PCB he lied on his ban appeal. He said he did not grief and I did not want to unban him when all his ban appeal said was “I did not grief” because I know he did and the lb tool block doesn’t lie.

I know this is locked and done with, but he never said “I didn’t greif”, he only said:

And didn’t respond after you informed him of what he did. On his second appeal he wrote:

He then acknowledged what he did, but didn’t understand what the problem was.