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[move][size=36pt][glow=blue,2,300]Maze Movie Recording Time!!![/glow][/move]

The long awaited maze promo vid event has finally come. I have recently finished my maze script and I am happy to announce that we will be making the video for this maze soon. For right now the biggest thing i need is some insite from the people of PCB.

Here are some things i really need yalls input on.

  1. When do yall think would be the best time to start this video
  2. Who wants to participate in this promo.
  3. What part do you want in this promo.

Of course, as soon as we get this promo vid done and out on youtube, we can even play in the maze as another event. The first thing we must do though is get this promo done and edited.

Here are some things that you will need to be able to participate in the promo.

  1. You must have a mic
  2. You must have a form of communication with our audio part of the team.
    (We can either do steam or Skype, it must be a majority vote)
  3. You kinda need to be someone who can at least fallow the script.
  4. Remember to have some fun with this, and bloopers can make for good funny videos.

Oh i almost forgot, here are the parts we need fulfilled.
(we can have more than one person for some of the parts)

  1. Cameraman (this can take more than one person, 3 is a good number)
  2. 7 actors (can be girls or boys, the script is easily changeable)
  3. Perhaps someone to mess with audio and video. (I don’t mind doing this but i would love to see what others can do in this department)
  4. We will also need background people (people of the town, animals maybe, etc.)(this is a part that needs little to absolutely no talking.
  5. We can have some people to help build our set

One more thing, here are the links to my other maze related discussions so that if you don’t understand where this is coming from then you can read up and find out:

Maze video stuff:
General Maze discussions:
Script versions, I recommend reading liam’s as to how it has many of my grammar problems fixed.

I believe that is all. Please help us with this event.
Maybe i’ll mention this one more thing. If you help us with this promo video then you have a chance of becoming well known with many others on youtube. :slight_smile:

[size=24pt]Who Has What?
This is the part of the topic where I tell yall what parts people have been given. Please come on the creative server some time when i am able to be on, so i can audition you into a part. Just tell me what you want and i will tell you how to audition for it.
[size=8pt]Please note,cameramen must have following mods installed as of yet: Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders ver Ultra No Motion Blur or DOF:
OptiFine HD A2 Multi-Core for Minecraft 1.2.4 and 1.2.5:

Cameraman: Brodur
[size=18pt]Small part actors that wont do much talking

Blacksmith: SwordMaster_
Archer: Dragon_Slayer24
(this can be changed to a priest or something, but i just wanted a girl to be a part of this because it would obviously be better to have a Nun take care of the abandoned children)
[size=18pt]Main actors:

Jack: Hard24get
Steve: Sirogon (If he ever comes back on the server :P)(If someone else wants this position they can have it unless he shows back up and really wants it.)
Sam: ymbninjakiller
Joey: Topgearwill
Dark Figure: Prob gona be Mythbeast. :stuck_out_tongue:
(However if we get enough parts filled up and someone wants this then they can have it, this requires little speaking and is only in the main characters because he has a lot to do with this maze.)
[size=18pt]Special Effects People
These people would be off camera and doing sounds and special things to change the set while we record, to make it look more interesting.
[size=18pt]Side actors, with no speaking parts.

Edit: Adjusted first lines for weekend event on home page. -Goof

Well… I have a mic. Maybe I can help? I’m not sure if I would be very good. I am not a good actor.

Well i can kindof recored, kindof have a mic for kindof acting and i am a pretty good bystander/background mover =D

You know we could do some auditions as soon as i get home from school. Auditions would just basically be you telling me what you would like to help me out with. If you say you wana be a voice actor then we can chat on skype and ill see how it sounds when you talk. If you wana be a background mover then you simply just have to be able to move around in the background like i want you to. If you want to be a cameraman then… i guess i just need you to be able to take shots like i ask and then i also need you to be able to install the video mods i was talking about.

I would love it if more people wanted to help me out on this. It is almost ready to get started, the only thing i need is to make the skins and get a few more actors.

Seeing how we are getting the sets built and a few actors that actually want to help with this vid, i am deciding that maybe this weekend would be a good time to start recording. We can start on friday, but i am gona be a little late seeing how ima have to go to my mom’s this weekend and that takes an hour and a half drive, so i will be on as soon as i can. I would like to get more actors in the timespan of now and this friday, but what ever we get will be very much appreciated. :smiley:
[move][glow=green,2,300][size=36pt]800[sup]th[/sup] Post!!! :D[/glow][/move]

i could be a background dude.

I could help by being an actor / whatever

That’s awesome john, If you don’t want a big part then you could have the merchant part. If you don’t mind a big part then you could be sam. Just edit your name into the post up top of where you want your name and come audition later when i can be out of school. That will probably be like 9:15 GMT or something like that. It would be 4:15 where i am, but ima use GMT so that everybody can have an easy time reference. :smiley:

Shadow, that would be great if you could come on creative to so i can see how well you take directions. Just so i have something to audition you on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting more people would be helpful to get this done as fast as possible because me and myth’s computer will be taken up shortly before taking exams. :frowning:

Oh oh oh oh can I get a main part? pretty pleassseee PLEEAASSE

I would love to give you a main part. :smiley: If you can be on creative when i get on then i would like to skype with you to see how well your mic would work, and also to see what character i think would best fit you. ;D

AHA! I finally got pcb to work on my phone! Now I will audition for the role of Steve :stuck_out_tongue: Well I guess it depends on how laggy my skype is :S

Please have steve with the default skin, maybe edited very slightly. But keep it like steve steve. :smiley:

Threw my name in there as the merchant – however if someone else wants tis part – i will give it up =)

[move][size=24pt]DX We could really use a girl to play the nun.[/move]
It would be really weird to have a guy playing that. :o I really don’t want to take the nun out and replace her with a priest, cuz that would just mess a lot of the movie up. :confused:

Well then add me on skype then :smiley: cause i dont know how…

we can do the auditions tomorrow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Auditions tomorrow would be fine. If you want i can come on now and review what you would be good for.

Here are some pics of the character layouts. :smiley: Hope yall enjoy.

[size=18pt]Main Characters

[size=18pt]Side Characters

Just realised that i wont be able to do this this weekend =(