Maze Discusion

Ok so me and a few others on creative have been brainstorming. We are going to make a video of my maze, and edit a lot of stuff together. We need help from you, the whole team of PCB.

We need help thinking of a name. It has to do something with mazes, and myths. If you have a suggestion, please post it here so we can all discuss it.

We need people to participate in the video. Spots for fill:
Camera man, just a few small parts.
Actors, at least 4, we would love to have more than just 4.
I believe that is it for now.
The conditions for being in the video are at this link:;topicseen#new

We need help with a storyline/script. This wont all be by script, a lot of it is going to improve. Only the intro, few parts in the middle, and end will have any trace of script.

Someone mentioned an epolouge, might of misspelled that. Not totally sure what the aspects of that is, even though he explained it a few times. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the most important.
Any suggestion is helpful, PLEASE post it here if you have one.

So does nobody really have any suggestions for this?

Well, i gave you all of mine, but heres the thing. Do we want a map play through, or a machinima out of this.

I have decide that a machinima would be nice, but not to sure how well that would go with all the players. Maybe it could be sorta machinima and improve, not to much on the play threw though. I want the video that discribes this to be entertaining to watch and shows off a story of the maze.

I guess I have decided on the name, since nobody has any suggestions. I suppose the name could be Labyrinth of Legends. Or something like that.

I guess maybe some time soon i will come up with a semi script, though this will probably be mostly a play through. Someone please tell me what you think of this, if you have any ideas for a story line as to why this maze is what it is. Something to add to my video, and possible survival map.

The maze is named LOL eh? I kind of like it. Sorry for not adding more here, but I am not sure how I can help much. I don’t have any of the vid software, but I could be in the recording if you want.

Any help is good help, it’s gona be hard to make a good video inside a maze anyway.

More than likely we will have some sort of intro video or something to explain the background of the maze.

Ok, so i have finished my maze and need someone to give andy the schematics so he can put it in survival. I would like to pick the location for the maze, I have a great spot for it.
Is there any way that i can get the schematics for myself, so i can put it on a special survival map?

does your maze have a warp and what is the video going to be about.

The maze is not playable right now. If you did play it then you would be eliminated from the survival run, if it gets moved.

The video is going to be mostly just giving the maze a background, and then a play through most people like to see a good play through.

Ok, so like i said before, i am going to make a semi script. I am going to need to makes sure of all the people who are participating in the video, so i can give them parts for the intro, and other stuff. If you feel like being in this video at all, please put something either here or on the maze video topic i made earlier. If you don’t do it soon then you wont be a part of my video.

Edit: If my internet gets paid today, I should be on to work with the schematics and moving of the maze.

I suppose if the survival server will allow for the move of the maze, it will be about a week or 2 before everything is ready for the event. When do yall think would be a good time for the maze event (this will also be a date for the video). Any time in about 2 weeks or more. Please someone other than me help with the ideas.

If 1.2 is coming out soon, you may want to delay adding your maze to survival. I have already saved it, so it should be easy to put it in a new map.

I do want to see this be a success, but you may need help from those that have successfully made projects work. Liam, Fatso, Vaio etc. are the most likely candidates.

I guess i should wait until that comes out. It would suck to go thew all that work and it just be gone after a few days.

I have finished making the survival maze map in my single player world, the save will be ready after the maze has become an event. It is a lot harder than I had originally taught.
I have decided that everybody needs to get at least one stone sword and a few wood swords. they will also get an iron helmet and boots, along with a leather chest plate and leather pants. Maybe a few pieces of melon will be given to everybody. This could be changed to stake in the future, idk. In other words. GOOD LUCK!!!

Do any of yall think it would be too much of a bother to play this in hardcore?

… that means we would have to delete the map XD

I mean in single player. Would it be a bad idea to have it like that in singleplayer. Would it get all of the people who download my map too upset.

I’m pretty sure I would die pretty fast in hardcore by the sound of the map’s difficulty. The difficulty may need tweaking based on player review.

Also, like Vaio, I believe I can host such maps from my PC. I have no mods/plugins, but that should be fine for short term maps. I currently have the creative map saved as my server, so it does work.