6th Creative Map

Here’s the map for the 6th creative world. (version 0.2; correct as of 17 July 2015)


Town names in brackets are placeholder names for towns of which the names are unknown. Feel free to reply with the names of one of these towns. If you own a town not on the map, make sure it’s not on the list below, then reply with the town name, and its coordinates. Your town will then be added to the map.
The above map is based off the following badly-formatted table:
[size=8pt][pre]Town Name Owner Theme Coordinates
Clarita Claudia Desert 4900 3000
(Wasser Lane) Jumpa_Jumpa Eastern European 2000 -3300
(Savannahville) daqwid2727poland Eastern European 6900 -4700
Awards Hall PCB Staff Fantasy 3400 -6300
Cspawn _Andy Fantasy 5000 -1300
Wysteria Her__Peas Present 4700 1100
Mirador madant79 Medieval 6700 600
Elric SpllatPT Medieval 3500 5400
Thousandoaks Wolfy9 Medieval 6000 -2700
Orbitopolis YeshyYeshiam Futuristic -3900 -900
Odesco odiousderp Modern -900 100
Axiom Jumpa_Jumpa Modern 2300 -3200
New Bayside Lord Erikir Modern 2600 2700
Gibraltar vrajitor94 Modern 7800 6500
Plymont mattheux1 Modern 6100 -5200
Abcrussia City EsteavoBuilder Parisian 5000 -2800
Buns City Buns100 Present 6400 -3100
Burnton whbilbo Present 7100 -5400
Carrolton Potato321 Present -1500 1000
Ceres YoshiBoy13 Present 4700 700
LittleBigVille The_SolidFlame Present 7600 -1000
Minneapolis ThatOneCop Present 5200 -580
New Kalipso adriananddorian Present 5000 -400
Ontario Willink Present 4700 3600
Port Royal Amphitryon Present -700 400
(Skyscraperville) Jumpa_Jumpa Skyscraper 5900 500
Winterly Rock HighLordMax Medieval 100 -200
Victoria David9336 European -4900 200[/pre]

v0.5 (20 July 2015): imgur.com/yIIg2eD.png
v0.4 (19 July 2015): imgur.com/HDocmYu
v0.3 (18 July 2015): imgur.com/s92s9xJ
v0.2 (17 July 2015): imgur.com/NYMoPWL
v0.1 (16 July 2015): (link unavailable)

The green dot next to Port Royal is owned by odiousderp. Not sure on the name.

You didn’t seem to mention my city?


Bayside’s name is now New Bayside and the Co-ordinates (according to Dynmap are): 2590,64,2705 (spawn)

Where’s Freehold? It isn’t on the grid, but is a town in the creative map.

Coordinates are generally rounded to the nearest 100.

I’ll put it on as soon as I find coordinates for it.
New map is up.

Italyville isnt the name. I dont have an official name, but i also request mine be removed from that map because I personally do not want people finding it unless they specifically ask to see, if not whatever but id appreciate it anyway.

Unfortunately In Buns City
the owner is wrong :frowning:
You Put Miner1969 as owner
I however is owner/mayor of Buns City (Buns100)
Please Change this so no confusion will be caused

Thank You

EDIT: Fixed :slight_smile: -Javi

Coordinates of Orbitopolis are x:-3868, z:-855.

Replaced and re-positioned Italyville dot with Orbitopolis dot.
New map is up. (v0.4)

Both Port Royal and Portland (Burnton) have warps.

I don’t have Office 365, therefore I have to use Excel Online in order to get anything done, therefore I can’t actually change any of the dots.

Yeah, uh, when it does exist, gimme the coords and I’ll put it on. Until then, no dice.

Added Her__Peas’s town - Wysteria
New map is up (v0.5)