Management Q&A Session

Have you ever looked at us beautiful and amazing management and questioned whether we actually do anything? Have you ever heard of Andy and then thought; Damn I aint ever seen that boy?

Well today is your lucky day. In the interest of making our amazing community even more fabulous we’ve decided to answer some of the burning questions you have regarding the SOPs+

From the silly to the serious - we don’t care. Post them below. We may not be able to answer every question you have but we sure can try.

Examples of some amazing questions you may want to ask:

  • Who has accidentally crashed the server the most?
  • Who always says no to W/e Requests?
  • Who is Most likely to be AFK?
  • Who is the oldest?

PS. No disrespect Andy, you’re the most amazing human being on the planet :heart::heart:

EDIT Hey Ferf here, please ask us questions that all of us can answer differently *cough* @SkepticalEye *cough*. Makes it more fun for you AND me. :heart:


Why does callum have the same skin as me?

When did you start playing on PCB?

Who do you look up to the most out of your fellow members of the management team? @senior-operator @administrator (Just getting the ball rolling :rofl: )

Just a Quick Clarification on how this is going to work.

We need as many questions as we can get posted here. At the end we will collect all the questions up and then answer them as a team. Sorry if there was any confusion about this.

What is the best pack of skittles?

Favorite Poptart flavor?

Edit: also, how’s life down under for all the Aussies

Who crashed the server when they buried the entire desert in stone? :open_mouth::joy:

Serious question, which member of staff is the most elderly and frail

I’m from pmc can I get admin?

Oh you want actual questions? Ok.
How much does this server mean to you all? I know for me, it’s everything, how important is pcb in all your lives?

If you guys didn’t play Minecraft what do you think you would be doing? (playing video game wise or anything else wise)

I’ve registered my account on here but it doesnt make a member :confused: do you Guys know how to fix this?

do you come here often x

Are you able to go past world border?

Cos ur both beans

Too long ago. (Roughly November 2010)

Andy, he is our lord and saviour founder after all.

The normal ones. And the flavours from best to worst are as follows:
Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Green. DON’T @ ME.

Either cookies and cream or chocolate fudge.

No idea. Certainly wasn’t me though. I’m perfect.


Sure, just DM me your credit card no., expiry date, and security code (last 3 digits on the back), as well as your mother’s maiden name.

Less now than a few years ago, but that’s mostly because I have adulting to do now. Priorities and all that.

Probably 10,000 hours deep into Factorio or something.

all the time bb :wink:

No, sadly not. But I could remove the world border and pretend like I’m magic…

More questions please

The most important questions in life:

What are those?
What does the fox say?
Do you know the wae?
Am I a normie for ironically saying these things?


Serious questions though

How hard is it to maintain the server? Are there any tough choices you have to make?

If you had to marry someone on the server who would your 2nd choice after me be?

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On behalf of @Bibler :
“Why is the server bad and when are y’all going to fix it. Don’t tell them I said that.”
“I like those people. No wait, I don’t. They’re weird. Don’t tell them I said that.”
“No, I actually do like those people.”
“For real, if you had to pick someone on the server to spend the rest of your life with, who would it be?”

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How long do you play on the server each day and how much of that is playing?

Thanks to everyone that’s asked us good, fun questions so far. Just want to interject before this whole thing winds down and clarify that y’all can ask us ANYTHING (as long as the question follows all of the server rules and all of us could give a different answer). It doesn’t have to be server-related. For example, you could ask us:

  • You’re building your dream house. What’s the most essential feature?
  • What’s your worst restaurant experience?
  • What songs would make up the soundtrack of your autobiographical film?
  • If you were to get a pet raccoon, what would you name it and why?
  • Which superpower would you least want to have?

You can be creative. You can think outside of the box – in fact, we’d encourage it. For more examples, refer to the more experience-based or personal questions on AskReddit that have gotten a decent amount of upvotes.

Also, people that have already asked a question, feel free to ask more. The more questions we get, the better. I’ll insist @Emfitty leaves this up a bit longer so we can collect some more good questions. Expect responses soon-ish™.