Im SwedenBall (daqwid2727poland), and i am an owner of Konin City - it has a /warp konin now. If anybody is intrested to be a builder there (u need some skills, i hate boxy buildings) ask me, or Katy (shes co-owner).

Rules r same as on whole server plus:

  • do not edit terrain, trees, or any “natural” parts of the city - u need my permission to do that.
  • if u r building a road, tram line, or anything that has a pattern in city, follow it - i dont want to have mess in my city.
  • city has two parts - modern and old town - it may be hard to find out what plots or terrains r in what part of the city, so before building anything ask me to be sure what style to build in.

[size=18pt]13.12.2015 - konin was griefed. like, half of the city destroyed, waiting for our great staff to fix it :3 hopefully they will also got one who did it!
13.12.2015 - im looking for help in some new parts of konin: suburban rich area, villas and fancy shoops needed, and area around stadium, so some skyscrapers and modern shops/apartments mixed with konin old estern europe style.
06.01.2016 - ALL TRUSTED AND HIGHER CAN NOW BUILD IN RED WOOL PLOTS IN KONIN WITHOUT PERMISSION (i can suggest changes or modify the build if needed)
06.01.2016 - there r some relatively fresh screenshots of Konin: http://1drv.ms/1L4yOFH

[size=18pt]Biggest project rn is connecting Konin Stadium (south part of Konin) to rest of the city. It looks like this for now:



I’ll repeat then.

Umm. I don’t think there’s MEANT TO BE a direct connection between Prymont and Koni

there is no rail connection. ur rails end in the mountain

For reference, here is the PCBT map:

Restored this one, and deleted the one you wanted deleted.

Aye m8 I’ll help!

A lot of the rail plan is similar to PCBT’s rail plan. We [staff, not PCBT] don’t want multiple connections to the same cities, whether they be PCBT-3rd party or 3rd party-3rd party. That is what causes clutter.

Here’s my network plans for the Gibraltar area. The top of my map is around where the bottom of yours is @daqwid2727poland. Trying to avoid clutter where I can. (Note: the vast expanse of space isolating my city :’()

I would like to have my city connected to the blue rail, the name of my city is Budapest. it has a warp ./warp budapest we have finished our station and we would like to be connected to the PCBrail. who can i ask to add Budapest on the map?

-Thank you,

Budapest is currently connected to Donton and Belport with JMVrail. (run by Jmvvana).
A blue line connection to budapest would just mean double rail and…

updated main post :slight_smile:

According to the map VoltZ is connected to the SkyRail line can anyone explain what SkyRail is and I haven’t actually gotten anyone asking to connect VoltZ unless this is the highway? Poland or Vir pls explain?

Where is Voltz, cause SkyRail was already built, and it doesn’t run through Voltz…

It’s in the top right corner in the middle of Konin and Portland :-\

i have no idea what skyrail is :open_mouth: and i didnt even know its going in konin… it doesnt for now at least… maybe its some Portland line? like those elevated trains on main street of Portland?

SkyRail is a rail company I run, it’s a MagLev train system. The only current line runs north/south from Gibraltar to Spark Hill. It doesn’t run as at north as Konin or Portland.

anything i missed?

The yellow line should extend south west of New Acra, and terminate at New Empire, that’s the line I’m building at the moment.

There’s what I don’t get SkyRail is going through VoltZ top right corner???

That Comic Sans tho XD