HI everyone! I am koalamama and I have been on this server for a while now. I like koalas and… I like the color pink, xD

Hi koala it is me Courage I hope we can work together sometime again for better coordination for said events pm me your skype so we can talk and such…

We also have a teamspeak server to provide voice chat. The Ip is cjpais.com

I can’t figure out how to teamspeak…

Le teamspeak tutorial: (I couldn’t get cjpais.com to work, this is the equivelent IP address)

[ol][li]Download & Install teamspeak from here[/li]
[li]Click on Connections and then Connect[/li]
[li]See diagram below:[/li][/ol]

Change TheUKOctopus to your minecraft username!

Voilla. You now have teamspeak! (Oh, and please go into the relevant channel, don’t just talk in the lobby!)

Ey Koala :smiley:

Hi there do hope you enjoy the server and welcome

Thanks for all the replies. And okay Courage xD
Oh, can you guys help me get a cool signature like yall? xD

I like your picture koala…

Hha thanks Chen. I am on the right, my friend is on the left xD