I am banned. I would like to know why.

Date: Feb 14, 2012
Staff who banned me: No idea

Thanks Ka :slight_smile:

And if this is because of simoes, he plays at our house. HOWEVER --.–.—.--- IS NOT HIS IP!!! Please don’t ip ban me again :confused:


Yeeeeup :/.

Italian I see you are on perhaps you can unban me?

Or fili??

Im on it


sorry, i was trying to help out bones and yeah


I am still banned :confused:


Il look ibto this when I get home in 30min

Thanks :slight_smile:

resolved, locked :slight_smile:

Not resolved :/. IT STILL SAYS I AM BANNED. I am not on survival though. Sorry for this long and winded post but I don’t know what is happening.


Maybe IP ban. When I get back on my computer I’ll do my best to find this out.

Also when you attempt to log in does it tell you to appeal or no?

Which of those Ip’s are yours? or was this an in game IP ban that didn’t sync?

Yes he was ip banned by gggeeee and apparently this is not getting sorted out for whatever reason -.-

Well thats very odd :confused: