What kind of jobs/careers would you all like to do or already do?
I used to Wrench rods in the oil field and take care of and sell cattle. I got laid off of it because my boss retired.
Soon enough i will be taring roads for the same pay. :b
I would like to be some kind of engineer or a backup plan is that i go work farther in oil field stuff for good pay.

Well, my friend has an IT business and I’m probably going to get hired in a bit. Other than that, I’m going to college for a GE(general education) but I’m not sure yet where to go from there.

Nice! Lot of people i know are into that IT Business stuff :b

Well, I’m continuing with 6th form at the moment, doing physics, chemistry, biology and geography. I will probably drop physics next year, and carry on with the other 3. Thennnnnnn hopefully I will be going on to do something like Environmental Science in uni. For an actual job after that, I have no idea yet…

I actually want to be a video game developer, and probably go into the field of animating and/or modeling. I probably will try programming as well, cause i find that stuff kinda interesting, might not go all out on it but learn the most basics of stuff. Im already doing well animating and modeling… I’ll show you my current project im working on soon :3

What program?

I want to become a director/psycologist/archetect! Fun mix, eh?

An Ice Cream Truck driver




I wanna be a computer programmer! wait…no i wanna be a garbage man with a ice cream truck!! yayayayayay

O.o Didn’t know that. I personally would like to get more into programming as I go into college, and end up with a major in Computer Science, and possibly a minor in Electrical Engineering. Personally I would like to attend UC Berkeley, or maybe Stanford :3 I am good at swimming but nowhere near getting a scholarship from a Division I school, I will probably place top 3 in my races this weekend at Sections. Maybe build a startup of somekind.

Trust me getting a head start on programming early is helpful, Python is a fairly easy first language. Or even Ti-Basic if you have a Ti graphing calculator.

I would love to be able to get into a few animation colleges I have had my eye on. There is nothing more in the world that I would love than to see a cartoon that I came up with make it on television. :smiley: That would be one of the best ways I could see being able to keep acting like a kid and have a great reason to rub in people’s faces. :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

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I wish you luck Myth. I don’t want to depress you or anything, but most art degrees are not worth the paper they are printed on. The same can be said of several other fields such as film. It takes talent, not a degree to get an art based job.

Just saying, almost no one I know who studied art has done well. None of them have an art related job now.

It’s sad - but true. Right now, it’s one of the least successful enterprises…

I’m studying Music at college at the moment and I am going to get grade 5 on my trumpet and saxophone and when I am 23/24 I hope to audition for the Army Music Corps and become an army musician.

That is a little sad, but that is why i am wanting to get started on trying out my own animations soon. All i need is to get a job so i can afford to buy a new set up. I will probably stop using mac, if it cost to much. I will probably have to buy a good tablet and a really good pc laptop. I would love to have a mac, but they would cost to much for me to go and buy a brand new one. I think if i was able to start getting noticed on youtube then that could help my career out a bit. I just need to get these few things to be able to afford a good start on my animation.

3ds MAX design.

i want to a little programming or Subnetting when i finish school… maybe fixing computers on the side as well. just for some pocket cash

One of my cousins works as a freelance photographer, and is going ok. Some general advice I had from him was to get contacts. He knew one person (Called Rankin I think, who does some photography stuff, idk, but he is well known xD), and kept pestering him to do some apprenticeship type things, to get experience. Eventually this guy emailed him back, said yeah sure. Experience is a must have, and employers want people who do stuff, rather than just have some paper saying you can.