IRL Selfie Thread 11 :D

Hey all! This year we have received many new members and staff members! This threads purpose is for all of us to see how each-other looks like and maybe introduce yourselves :slight_smile:

Well here is me drinkin my usual serving of coffee :slight_smile:

You need to shave that monobrow and get a better coffee cup m8

Sorry 'bout the size… Don’t feel like resizing it… Damn 41MP phone camera…
Anyways, There’s me, my GF(Morgan), and my 2 buds(Mikey, Dustin)

Random Photo

The trademark Ouhai pose.

I will post one shortly. :smiley:

I’m in the orange shirt next to the ladder in the mirrored glass. The Paris Métro is my spirit animal. I’ll give anyone who can tell me what line I was on a cookie ;D

Line 3bis?

sees four-station-long line
googles paris metro gambetta
gets ready to reply 3bis
sees angel got to it already

Goddammit, Angel.

Me when I first took acid when I was 12 in Hell.

Your spirit animal is entered, violated and littered (and occasionally damaged) for money, thousands, if not millions, of times a day.

It also costs money to ride :wink: Which means it might be illegal in some states…

Also, how did you Google “Gambetta?” The map is too small to read…

I just searched for the Paris metro map and looked for the four-long line, but the line icon looked like 3_ so I had to google the station name which was big enough to see.


Pulled straight from instagram

Me, kinda needing a shave, definitely needing a haircut.

Spring break with my boys in Gatlinburg, TN. Yes I’m the Filipino on the left.

UMM most of my coffee cups are starbucks cups :frowning:


Psssst… Did you actually see the pic in my quote? I used MSPaint, if you somehow didn’t see it. xD

LMFAO oh shit xD I just noticed… I was on my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

IF ONLY PCB was a bit more mobile friendly…